Ideas that changed the world

Inventions of the 1983-Yeshwini Selvaraj

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Invention number 1- Apple Lisa(hardware)

The Apple Lisa was first introduced in January 19,1983. It was a product of apple.

-It included a protective memory, a built-in-screensaver, advanced features and supported to mega-bites of RAM.

-It was also the first personal computer to have a GUI and a mouse.

-Though the Lisa wasnt a commercial success it did help people to do work more efficiently. It provided advanced features that helped reduce the burden of man-made work significantly.

-It also had a mega-bite of storage capacity which was used to store larger amount of information than before.

Internet was created-Invention 2(software)

Internet as we know today was first created by Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf on January 1st,1983.

-They launched the first TCP/IP network/protocol for the ARPANET. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is a networking suite used to communicate over the internet with other computers. This indeed was very useful in long distance communication. It also contained large amount of information which helped businesses,students and social workers significantly.

-This protocol quickly became the most widely used protocol in the world. Life was starting to become easier.

-Throughout the year and the coming year,the internet experience usage increased over 100 percent every year after it became more commerciallly valuable.

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