ELC Newsletter

Sept. 19, 2014

NVCI Training

This week, with the NVCI training on Wednesday, we were able to train three more staff members in the techniques. At this time, at ELC, the trained team members include: Cindy Weston, Terri Jagodzinski, Megan Frees, Lori Dobbs, Sarah Bednar, Beth Dardis, Lauren Guelig, Jessica Miller,and Kimm Vanherwynen. Previously trained also from Kindergarten are Gail Hock and Jen Gilbertson. When a staff member needs help we will call on these folks to support the student. Not everyone will need to be called, nor should be. We will work out teams of support for the various classes, so now that we have a solid number of trained adults, we can be there for everyone. We continue to use the verbal de-escalation techniques and only to use NVCI, as a very last resort. Thanks to everyone for helping out the three substitutes that were in the building on this day


The Kindergarten PLC team together, with our Champion, Patti Milanowski, have been working diligently this week to review modules for the upcoming assessments. They have discussed integration of the SLO with this process as well. On Monday afternoon, at 3:30, the Champions will view another Webinar so that we can get started. Discussion has been that rather than tiering out , that ranges of scores could be used for the students based on their SGP. We can then have growth from everyone, from where they began.

ELL Denials

Mrs. Warncke has asked Mrs. Damaris to call some of our families who have denied ELL services for their child. It is the feeling of the team that some of the families may not understand that they are turning down extra support of their son/daughter.


Many of you have finished the DRA 2 testing and just have to upload scores to the form provided by Mrs. Heiberger. Remember to send a copy to her and to myself.

Walk Throughs and OASYS Dates

I will begin classroom walk throughs this next week. These are the informal observations, and the "look fors" are in the books, or on the website.

Dates coming up:

  • Surveys Students, Professional Practice Goal, SLO - Due by October 15th
  • SLO Selection and Approval for New staff - Due by October 31st
  • 2 Classroom Visits - Due by End of the Year *I strongly encourage you to get to other buildings and see the great things happening and challenges they face. Our job is not easy at any level!

Upcoming Events:

9/22/14: Autism Grant Meeting

Champion webinar; School Board Meeting

9/24/14: School Picture Day

10/8/14: Mulberry Farm Fieldtrip for Kindergarten

10/10/14: Early Release

My Out of Building Schedule

9/22: 7;15 FLC PST; PM- Autism Grant, and Champion Webinar

9/23: 8:30 FDL HS- Open Enroll IEP, then admin meeting

9/24: 8:30 BAMS BCT meeting; 1:00 Health Care Center in FDL- SPROUT; 4:00 Wellness

9/25: 10: 00 MPTC

9/26: 8:30-3:00 RSN meeting at CESA 6 in Oshkosh

Happy Birthday to:

9/25: Ginnie Harney

9/27: Linda Krebsbach

10/1: Lori Dobbs