No Teacher Left Behind

No Teacher Left Behind Act

The states all need to make sure that all teachers, are trained to use computers, IPods, smart boards, and all technology that exist. I believe that when school gets out for the summer, the teachers that need to be trained for different technology, should be trained during the summer. So when they start teaching in the fall, they will no how to run the devise, and be able to teach their students. The state, or school the teacher is working for, should pay for the training the teacher needs. Yes, the teachers need to know how to use technology, and no what they are teaching their students. If there is a teacher that is teaching math to seventh and eight graders, the teacher needs to know how to do the math, and how to explain how to solve the problem. If the teacher don't know how to do the math, than how would he or she teach the students.
Teachers can take a three day class that will teach them enough depth to understand the NETS and will be able to teach the students they work with. The work shop is hands on for the teachers to learn. This is a work shop to give the teachers training to be able to teach their students. Nets-S is to explore what is going on in the world, and have tools, and resources for the students to work with and find out what they need to know.

Custom Professional Learning this is to help teachers learn about technology they need to teach students.
Custom Professional Learning

Students to learn about the world and digital learning, with exploring, using tools, and finding resources.