December 2014

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Bing Search Image Lessons

Did you know that you can teach a lesson using the background image from bing? Visit the Bing in the Classroom website for the daily lessons. The lesson along with the resources are already set up and ready to go. The lessons teach digital research skills along with skills from other subject areas and are written for different grade level groups. Check it out.
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Google Drive - File Locations

If you have not switched to the new version of Google Drive go to the settings gear in the top right corner of My Drive and select Experience New Drive. It has a more update look and has a cleaner look to it. The new Drive also makes it easier to organize files and share files. One of the biggest things to be aware of when sharing folders and files is that moving them or deleting them affects those that share the folder or file. If you are the owner, make sure you have the file or folder in the location you would like it to stay before sharing. If you received the file or folder before you place it some place on your My Drive make sure that you add it not move it. Moving it will alter the sharing permissions. More information. If you need help please let me know.
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Outlook 2013 - the new OWA

When the district's technology department upgraded our email to a cloud server, we received a newer version of OWA (the online version of Outlook). The new Outlook is part of Office365/Office 2013. It does have a different look to it and there are several differences. Here are a few resources to look at: Custom Guide Help Sheet, What's new in Office 2013 and Getting Started with Outlook 2013. If you would like any training or have questions, please let me know.
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Google Search

Did you know there is more than one way to search in Google? Besides typing different words in the search box you can customize your search in several different ways. Watch how one school uses search modifiers to help them narrow their search. Not sure if you want to just let your students search Google? Consider creating a customized search engine for them to use instead.
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Story Creator

Story Creator is an iPad app that allows you to import pictures, draw pictures and add text to create a book. Then you can narrate the book. You can also adjust the narration so that the text is highlighted as it is read. A great way to create books for new readers, younger readers, a world language or just for fun.

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