Feminine Divine in Nature

By: Tyreshia King


Demeter is Goddess of the harvest and is most notably linked to the growing, preserving and harvesting of grain.

As the grain Goddess she also became the patron Goddess of millers and but as a Mother Goddess she was worshipped by woman hoping to have a child. Her struggle to save her daughter Persephone from the underworld led to the creation of the seasons.

When her daughter returned to Hades Demeter fell into a deep depression the plants stopped growing and Winter returned.

Demeter was also known as a mare Goddess hid among the horses to escape the attentions of the God Poseidon. He caught her by disguising himself as a horse. Afterwards she gave birth an immortal horse named Arion.


  • She is shown wielding either a sword or else a spear in one hand and a flaming torch in the other
  • Demeter's epithets show her many religious functions. She was the "Corn-Mother" who blesses the harvesters. Some cults interpreted her as "Mother-Earth".

Goddess Demeter