The Badger State

Wisconsin is a great place to live!

Economy and Landforms

Wisconsin is filled with cows, so if you love cows, Wisconsin is the place for you! Cows produce milk which is used for other dairy products. Wisconsin has a lot of opportunities to farm cows. Other jobs include professional fishing on the great lakes. Factory workers are known for making cheese and canned food such as peas, sweetcorn, and cranberries. On a day off, you could visit the Packer Hall of Fame and go rafting on the Wisconsin River. Wisconsin is a nice and gentle place to live.

Culture and Fun Facts

Wisconsin has a lot of interesting things, such as cows, farms, and fields. You could do snow mobile races, win money, and see nature all in the same day! Visit the Indian Burial Mounds and see part of a different culture. Wisconsin also has a lot of festivals like the American Birkebeiner and the Irish festival. The American Birkebeiner is a skiing event where many people try to get to the finish first. The Milwaukee circus parade is also an interesting site to see. Circuses have always been a part of Milwaukee culture. Although Milwaukee is the biggest city, Madison is the capital. The Sugar Maple is the state tree. One third of the people in the state of Wisconsin live in Milwaukee. The state grain is corn. The state beverage is milk because Wisconsin is part of the milk belt. Wisconsin is the best place in the U.S.A. because it has nice farmland, big cites, and beautiful nature.

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