Marthasville Family Newsletter

January 2022

Greetings Magnificent Marthasville Families!


I hope you all took time over Winter Break to visit with family, friends, and loved ones. I enjoyed some much needed time with my family, especially my oldest daughter. She is in the Navy and stationed on the West Coast. I spent a lot of time resting and reading, preparing for the new year, and reflecting on this year so far. I am proud of the growth we are making and look forward to seeing our students continue to succeed and reach their academic goals.

Something else I look forward to is seeing our families back in our buildings! We will be able to start allowing volunteers and visitors in our school, as well as scheduling day events and programs. Please remember that if you are visiting our building and classrooms, you must have your ID scanned in the Raptor System. The office will not be able to allow anyone in the building without first scanning your ID for clearance. We appreciate your support in keeping a safe environment for our students.

We are hosting a Family BINGO Night at the end of February to raise money for our classrooms. There will be a raffle for classroom projects and themed baskets. Be on the lookout this month for the Save the Date and RSVP slip.

PTG is hosting a Decades themed Trivia Night April 23rd. The sign up survey will be sent out this month! Tickets are $10 a person (adults only event). This event will be held at the community center in town. We hope to raise enough funds to finish the outdoor classroom pavilion. PTG thanks you for the support and participation!

I am so excited to be back in school with our kids and staff. I enjoyed my time off, but feel ready to tackle the rest of the year! Thanks for all you do for our school. Your partnership means the world to me!

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Daffron

P.S. Have your kiddos BUNDLE UP! It is sure to be a chilly dipper this week!

Important Dates

1/3 First Day Back!

1/12 Modified Day- Dismissal at 11:50 a.m.

1/13 Modified Day- Dismissal at 11:50 a.m. (End of 2nd Qtr)

1/14 NO SCHOOL for students! Teacher Meetings


1/21 PTG Movie Night "Raya" - Doors open at 6:00 p.m., movie starts at 6:30 p.m.

1/24 Report Cards sent out electronically

1/25 PTG Meeting Conference Room 6:00 p.m.

Attendance Policy- MINUTES MATTER!

MINUTES MATTER! Every minute of instruction your learner misses has an impact on their education. Learning begins promptly at 7:45 and ends at 2:45. We make the most of every minute at MVL. We appreciate your support in getting your child to school every day, on time. Thank you for bringing your child in before and after appointments, and communicating with us when your child is ill or absent for the day (any reason). Mrs. Brueggemann works on attendance first thing every morning. Your notes and messages save her from making unnecessary calls. Thank you for sharing planned absences ahead of time! Communication is key and helps us stay organized. When you message your teacher, please be sure to also let the office know.

If you have any questions, please email or call Mrs. Daffron.

Administrative Procedure JED-AP(1): STUDENT ABSENCES AND EXCUSES

Attendance Standards

The following absences will be excused. Documentation must be provided as indicated.

1. Illness or injury of the student, with written excuse from parent.

2. Illness or injury of a member of the student's family when the student's presence is necessary or

expected, with written excuse from parent.

3. Medical appointments, with written appointment confirmation by medical provider.

4. Funeral, with written excuse from parent. The principal may require a program or other evidence of

attendance as additional verification.

5. Religious observances, with written excuse from parent.

6. Other appointments that cannot be scheduled outside attendance hours, such as court appearances,

with written excuse from parent.

7. Out-of-School suspension.

8. Visits with a parent or legal guardian who is an active duty member of the military who has been

called to duty for, is on leave from, or is immediately returned from deployment to a combat zone or

combat support posting, with permission of the superintendent or designee.

All other absences and any absence for which required documentation is not provided are unexcused.

Consequences for Violations

Grades K–12

Attendance is crucial to academic development. In additon, attendance habits are formed in early grades, and many later attendance problems can be averted with intensive family and student interventons in early grades. For this reason principals, with the assistance of building staff, will closely monitor student attendance and implement intervention strategies and other actions as follows:

1. Any time a student is absent and the parents have not contacted the school, the principal or designee will contact the parent by phone, letter or in person.

2. When a student has accumulated five (5) absences in any semester, the principal or designee may correspond with the parent/guardian by phone, in writing or in person to inform or discuss the student’s attendance and current academic performance as applicable. The purpose of the conference is to clarify the school’s expectations regarding attendance.

3. When a student has accumulated eight (8) absences in a semester, the principal will send written correspondence to the parent/guardian and may schedule a phone or face-to-face conference for the parent/guardian. The purpose of this correspondence is to determine why the student is not attending school regularly. The letter or conference may also include information regarding the student’s academic performance and may communicate district attendance expectations. The principal or designee may provide information about compulsory attendance laws and educational neglect; elicit

suggestions from family members about increasing the student’s engagement with school; and create an attendance plan that includes specific intervention strategies designed to improve the student’s attendance.

4. When a student has accumulated 12 absences in any semester, the district will determine whether there is reason to suspect educational neglect or whether the parent is violating the compulsory attendance laws. If so, the district will contact the Children’s Division (CD) of the Department of Social Services or the local prosecutor.

5. More than 12 absences in a semester may be a factor in determining whether the student may be retained or required to attend summer school as a condition of promotion. Except in certain situations with foster care children in accordance with law, more than 12 absences in a semester may result in loss of credit (grades 9-12 only) if the student fails to attend extended learning opportunities designed to make up lost instructional time due to excessive absenteeism or if the student continues to be absent from school.

Students are expected to make up assignments from missed classes within the time period established by school officials as appropriate. Students who do not complete missed assignments in the required time may be required to attend academic support sessions within or outside of the regular school day. Any conference may be waived by the principal if the absences were caused by a specific event or long-term

illness. In cases where the district is aware that a student must be absent for an extended period of time, the district will arrange for the student to receive instruction by other appropriate means.


If your child arrives to school after the 7:45 bell, they will need to be signed in. A child can not "sign" themselves into school. Parents will have to park and walk their child up to the door to sign them in at the office. If you drive away and your child walks up alone, we will be calling you to come back to sign them in. School starts at 7:45 every day. We have seen a significant rise in tardies and this has a tremendous impact your child's day, as instruction begins promptly at 7:45. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen, however, the majority of the time this has not been the case. We appreciate your support in this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via phone or email.

After School Choir

After School Choir for 4th-6th grade will be starting again this month!

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Click on the link to access breakfast and lunch menus.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal

Please check your learner's grades often. If you are having trouble viewing (or finding) grades, call me and I will walk you through the process. Grades are posted weekly and you should be seeing graded assignments and assessments coming home. If you aren't, contact your learner's teacher.

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