See exactly what its like in the biggest country in the world and see all of the astonishing things to see in the capital of Russia…Moscow.


Try out some of these tasty dishes in Moscow! You might want a bit of home in Russia, right? The Pishki which is the which is the cousin of the American Donut with a blanket of sugar and don't forget to try out some of Russia's delicious syrup pancakes. You definitely need to try to have this tasty dish called Balyk which is some tasty fish but be sure to have some of Moscow's special, traditional gruel called Kasha. You definitely half to have some of this amazing food!

Tourism Activities and Entertainment

Be sure to check out all of these dazzling attractions! Have great fun at Gorky Park were you can go to a salon, a skating rink or drop the kids off at a amusement complex. A must see in Moscow is the Kremlin, this masterpiece will definitely get your attention and also visit The Red Square and see the stunning Eternal Flame and have your breath taken away! Amazingly one of the most fun things you can do is there is reindeer racing! A extremely fun Russian sport. It's impossible to not be completely stunned to be at and see these monumental treasures!

Culture History and Arts

Find some interesting facts and travel to the past of Moscow Russia! Trek to the top of an amazing tower names Ostankino Tower to have a wonderful view and be sure to witness the worlds largest canon and a huge broken bell by the name of The Tsar Canon and The Tsar Bell. Be inspired by the beautiful items in the Puskin State Museum of Fine Arts and don't forget that Orthodox or Christian you will fit in well, for these are the main religions in Moscow, Russia and be amazed to see these great, interesting differences!

Landmarks and Historical Sights

While visiting be sure to check out these beautiful sights! Moscow has excellent museums, gallery's, and has over one-hundred beautiful parks and gardens to visit. One famous street is called Kuznetsky Most, which is where the Social Elites used to gather and Tsarist Village of Kolomenskoe and nature lovers will definitely love Moscow Zoo.


Be sure to bring a translation book that goes from English to Slavic! The alphabet and scripts are written in what is known as Acrylic and the deaf can also communicate by learning Russian sign language. An interesting fact is that there are 33 letters in the Russian Alphabet. Be sure to know Slavic because that is the main language.Slavic is a complicated language to learn, so if visiting, bring a translator!

Climate and Weather

The average temperature is 14 degrees Celsius in July, so be sure to bring a coat! Rainfall in July is 77 mm so rain boots are a must. Bring a heavy jacket if you visit in January because the average is -6 degrees Celsius! Moscow is known for cold winters, and the lowest was -6 degrees, the same in January! Summers are known for lots of rain, so be sure to bring an umbrella. As you can tell, the weather in Moscow is rainy and cold, so dress accordingly and have a nice time there!