Weekly Update

May 8, 2016

KCS Staff,

This was a very busy week, but with all the advanced planning, support and hard work, together we were able to make it very memorable. It was very fitting that we celebrated Teacher Appreciation week during this hectic time. Thank you, again, for all you do to make Kaleidoscope great.


Cinco de Mayo

A big Thank You to Belinda Bergren on an incredible Cinco de Mayo experience for the students on Friday. Many people see the event as it happens, but she put in hours ordering food, coordinating volunteers, planning set up, preparing students in class, creating a schedule of the event and lunch, frequently meeting with Amy J to make sure students were safe...and the list goes on.

The event was wonderful and provided a great showcase for the learning that has taken place in her class. Thank you, Belinda, for providing KCS with such a great experience.

National Nurse's Day - May 6th

Thank you, Amy Jorgenson, for everything you do to help our students and to keep everyone safe. She does a great job of supporting events to allow for the highest possible inclusive environment for those with allergies and health concerns. We appreciate your positivity and whatever-it-takes attitude.

MCA Testing - Science

Tuesday 5/10- Kent and Thompson, MAC, Tech and Conference Room 8:45

Wednesday 5/11- Miller, MAC and Tech 8:45

Thursday 5/12- Tech-Grade 8, MAC-Grade 10 7:45

Friday 5/13- Science Makeups 8:45 (as needed)

KPTO Funds

At Wednesday's KPTO meeting there was a discussion about funds allocated for staff. Currently, only 49% of the funds that have been generously donated to teachers has been spent.

***All requests/reimbursements are due by May 20th at 3:30.***

Track and Field Day Info - from Coach Cina and Coach Skog

Dear KCS Teachers and Staff:

We are working hard to get everything ready for Track and Field Day-- May 13th is fast approaching!! Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as it was today! There will be more details sent out next week, but listed below is a preview of what the day will look like:

K-5 Track and Field Day

All events will be at KCS.

Volunteers and Staff will park along the road between the KCS driveway and the town home development (all parking lots and cul-de-sac area will be blocked off for events).

All events will start at 9:30 A.M.

All events will conclude by 1:00 P.M.

The lunch schedule is as follows: (It is a Pizza day :)

K-1 (10:30-10:47)

2-3 (10:50-11:07)

4-5 (11:10-11:27)

6-11 (11:35-11:55)

Event Locations:

Kindergarten events will be in the grassy area by the K classrooms with a challenge course in the gym.

1st/2nd Grade events will be in the bus lane/playground area and west (MS/HS) parking lots.

3rd-5th Grade events will be in the main parking lot, cul-de-sac and grassy area by 2nd grade rooms.

**Please remind your students to bring water bottles, athletic shoes and apply sun screen throughout the day.**

We greatly appreciate all of your cooperation and commitment to making this the best possible Track and Field Day for KCS students. Please stay tuned for more information next week.

Upcoming Events

May 10-12 Third Grade Used Book Sale (front lobby)

May 12- First Grade Play

May 13- Track and Field Day

May 17- Band/Choir Concert 6:30

May 19- Music Program, Grades 1-2 6:15, Grades 3-6 7:15

May 20- Battle of the Books 12:45

May 27- DARE Graduation- Grade 5, Kickball Tournament- Grades 6-11


Katie Liekhus did a great job of creating an experience for her students as they reenacted the Battle of Puebla and had authentic Mexican food to sample. Nicely done!

Thank you to all the teachers who have supported colleagues by covering classes, especially on short notice. It makes a huge difference.

Erin Militello had her 10th grade students write poems in class. To make the experience more meaningful, students used Haiku Deck. The results were incredible. See a student example below.