Healthy VS Unhealthy Foods

Stephen Roshad Orlando Fulghum


Do you want to live a long healthy life? There are many good healthy foods for you like apples,grapes,salad and bananas.

body 1Unhealthy

body 1 There are many foods that are bad for your health. Cake is bad for your health because it has to much sugar. Burgers contain fat which causes obesity. Coco-cola has lots of sugar which causes diabetes.

body 2 Healthy

body 2 There are many foods that are good for your health. grapes are good for you because it helps you lose weight. Bananas are healthy because it helps you with your brain. salad is good for you because they make you have better memory.


It is important to be healthy! However ,being healthy is a good way to lose weight and exerciseing can help you lose lots of weight even doing a whole 30 day diet.