bill to law

the lawmaking process

Just the beginning

Before a bill can even be a bill it is just a thought. somebody somewhere thinks it up and forms an idea

The next big step

The idea must be written down and formed into a bill and then presented to a committee for them to review. after the committee reviews and tweeks the bill it is presented to the house of represenatives or the senate for them to debate and vote then passed to the other chamber. back and forth until both houses are happy.

And if your bill has survived all that..

Then it is sent off to the oval office for Mr. President himself to review and if he approves then it is a law and if he does not approve then he can veto the bill and it will get sent back to congress and put through the debating process all over again!

So why is this such a hard process?

Congress is very important and this long law making process is 100% necessary. All the precautions must be taken to make sure that unconstitutional laws are not created. Without all the rules in order people may be able to sneak through the system and manage catastrophic changes to our federal laws. Not to mention that our bill to law system, making the bill pass through 100 senate members and 435 house of representative members and then the president, is an awesome example of checks and balances.