8-Day Twitter Challenge


8-Day Twitter Challenge for ASD Curriculum

In lieu of a Talkin’ Tech session this Friday (Jan. 16th), I thought I’d offer this challenge instead. One of the things that we’re looking at in a digital age is use of time. This challenge provides an opportunity for that “anytime/anywhere learning” – it can be done when it fits into your schedule, and it doesn’t need to be completed while you are at work. : ) It also is a fabulous way to be more connected through your PLN (Professional Learning Network). Have fun and good luck!

Why Twitter?

Twitter enables you to become a connected educator in a way that no other resource can allow. You can instantly connect to educators all around the world who are interested in the same things you are interested in and are struggling with the same things we are all struggling with. Why not go beyond your four walls and your comfort zone and learn about all that the Twittersphere offers you? Use hashtags when searching for the topics that are relevant to you. Use these resources for ideas: Cybraryman’s Educational hashtags or The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Educators. You CAN do this!

Day One

Sign up for a Twitter account. Make sure you change the egg to a picture, and update your profile so that others can see your role in education, passions, and interests. If you already have an account, help someone get set up! Then share your Twitter handle with us by tagging your colleagues AND #ASDcurr.

Day Two

Take a selfie with a team member or colleague and tag use the hashtag for our department #ASDcurr.

Reminder: Check the "follow" lists of your colleagues and find some folks to follow. Rachel and Georgia are also good resources if you need some recommendations. This is a great way to grow your PLN.

Day Three

Tweet a snapshot of quality work or collaboration completed in your work today! Use the hashtag #ASDcurr . Retweet others’ pictures and spread the joy of learning beyond our department.

Day Four

Take a look at the Weekly Twitter Chat Times document below or start with the most popular one in education (#edchat). Find one (or more) that you think sound interesting and most importantly relevant for you. You will find chats for flipped learning, project-based learning (#PBLchat), grade levels (#1stchat, #6thchat, etc.), math, social studies, AP classes, ELL (#ellchat) etc. The possibilities are endless!

Tweet out which chats sound interesting to YOU! Take a look at what some of your colleagues are recommending, and think about all the offerings that you might want to participate in.

Weekly Twitter Chat Times (When you open this Google Doc, use CTL F and type in your topic. It should locate that subject within the doc.)

Day Five

Commit to a chat this week! Remember, lurking is okay. Then tweet out which chat you will be going to! Include the chat hashtag, as well as our school hashtag, in your tweet. For example: "I'm going to be joining #UTedchat tonight! #ASDcurr" or "I am going to be joining #5thchat tomorrow! #ASDcurr"

Reminder: FOLLOW some folks in your chat tonight and grow your PLN!

Day Six

Share some thoughts or ideas from your chat last night! It could be something you learned, or a resource that was shared, or an idea someone gave you! Tag it with the chat's hashtag and also use our department hashtag #ASDcurr . If you are giving credit to someone else, be sure to include their Twitter handle in the tweet as well (i.e. – Thanks @web20classroom).

Day Seven

In 140 characters or less, share a favorite resource that supports our curriculum goals and/or vision and tell us why. If you have a supporting picture (anchor chart, product, or doc), include that as well (just be advised the pic will use up some of the 140 and that you can use a URL shortener like Goo.gl or bit.ly). Use the hashtag #ASDcurr. Read the tweets of other colleagues (here or from your PLN) and find someone who you could go learn more from. Remember to RT (Retweet) lessons of colleagues that you think deserve a bigger audience because they are rock stars!

Day Eight

Your PLN has surely grown due to the chats you've done and the interaction you have had on Twitter the past two weeks! #FF means "Friday Follow" a chance for you to share a few who you think others should follow. For example, #FF @edutopia . So today, #FF a few people and tell us who we should be following. Use the hashtags #ASDcurr and #FF in your tweet.

Advanced Challenge: For those of you who would like more Twitter adventures, please read “Hashtags, Twitter Chats and Tweetdeck for Educators.