Instructional Focus: Comprehension Grades PreK-8

What are StoryBoards?

StoryBoards are cards on which the illustrations from a picture book that have been attached. These are mostly used in the classroom by the teacher to help learn the sequence of events in a story.

When to use Story boards?

Story boards can be used for a variety of activities in literature. You could use them it to teach sequence of events. You could pass out the cards in random order and have the students line up around to room in the correct order.

Story boards that include text can be used when there are a few copies of a picture book so that students can identify words for the word wall and notice literary language.

Students can also write words and sentences on stick notes and attach them to story boards.

Why use this instructional strategy?

This instructional strategy allows students to manipulate and sequence stories and examine illustrations more carefully.

***Scaffolding for English Learners

Story boards are useful tools for English learners. You can use it to preview a story before going over it or drawing a story board after they have read the story.

Common Core Standards Alignment

-Students make connections between the text of a story and its illustrations.

-Students describe a character, setting, or event, drawing on specific details in text.

-Students identify the theme and other elements of story structure.


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