The Bahamas

Cynthia Moreno's Dream Vacation

Bahamas's Facts

My dream vacation is to go to the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is located in North America.

I want to visit the Bahamas because I like to go into the ocean and swim in the ocean.

The Bahamas are great because the view is beautiful.

The Bahamas has a population of about 319,000 people

The Bahamas are islands in the Atlantic ocean

The life expectancy is 72 and their literacy percent is 96

The capital is Nassau and the area is 13,939 square kilometers

Their language is English and creole

Their religion is Baptist,anglican, and roman catholics


It takes 3 hours and 5 minutes to get to the Bahamas in a plane.

the Bahamas are 1,148 miles from Houston ,TX.

I will go to the Bahamas in a plane.

I will take one of my friends.

I will stay in the Bahamas for a week.


I will stay in a hotel called Riu Palace Paradise.

The hotel is in front of a beach.

The hotel has free parking and free WiFi.

The hotel only costs $426 for the whole week.

My hotel room is a suit.

I will need to pack bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, extra clothes, extra shoes, hair brush, and soap for bathing.


I will approximately spend #1,878 on my trip.

It will cost $426 for my lodging for the week.

I will take and extra $200 for snacks and souvenirs.

I am spending about $600 on food.

My plane ticket will cost about$452.

I will spend about $200 on gasoline.


I will take a tour that includes snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and boat riding for 5 of the 7 days that I will be there.The next two days I will go sightseeing and go to the beach.

At the Bahamas, you can go to the beach, swim with dolphins, ride boats, fishing, surfing, and so much more.

At the Bahamas, the ocean's water is blue and you can see the animals swimming in the water.

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