" Jamaica, no problem"

The Blue Mountain is famous for its coffee.

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The reefs provide excellent diving conditions. In addition to the auquatic faune, there is many boats and planes wreckages to see.

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English, and Jamaican Patois are the most spocken languages in Jamaica.
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Some folkways

It is normal for the entire family to take care of the children, and not only the parents.
Jamaican couples usually marry after their first child.
Friendship can be as important as family.
It is OK to be late.


Women who smokes.
Men wearing earrings and having tattoos.


It is considered extremely rude to be drunk in public.
Being homosexual is extremely controversial in Jamaica.

More informations

Rastafari movement is an Abrahamic religion. ( dreadlocks and smoking cannabis)
Rude boy is a Jamaican street culture based on rock and jazz.
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Theaters are an important place for Jamaicans. Jamaicans often bring people bring their children to see plays, movies, and shows.

Jamaican people speaks English, a language brought by non-native people.
Jamaican cuisine has Indian, Asian influences.

Jamaican's believes tend to fade away with newer generation.
Jamaicans have more occidental culture influence today.