"You're Off to Great Places"

"Do in a year what other's won't. and in a year, you'll have what other's don't"

It's here...the challenge I've been cooking up in my head for months. I absolutely LOVE being your sponsor. I wake up everyday thankful that Stella & Dot fell into my lap and that you and I found our merry little way to one another. Building a team has been one of the most rewarding things about this business for me. Not only do I get to help others reach their financial goals, add a little fun, and a little style in their lives..I actually get paid for it. Sounds too good to be true, BUT it's not! So I got to thinking, how can I help all of you make you merry little way to Senior, Star and beyond? I don't know about you, but an incentive always puts a fire under my rear end. My favorite part about this one..you can all be winners. It's just up to how bad you want it and if you're willing to work for it. While I was in the Bahamas having a little poolside chat with Jessica Herrin; she told me, "Nobody has more time. Everyone just chooses to spend it differently." What would happen if you took one hour a week when everyone else is watching American Idol and you sat down and called people to book shows? What could that do for your business.... One focused hour of calling people on your potential hostess list and offering them a fun night with friends and hundreds in free gorgeous accessories? Try it. You'd be surprised! Anyone wondering what my incentive is yet??? Lets talk about Hoopla first.

Hoopla..and why you don't want to miss it!

Hoopla is our national sales conference and it's held every July.....and it's awesome! I may stay a stylist forever, just so i can go to Hoopla every year. It is 2 days of being around the most uplifting, inspirational women I have ever met, along with best training you could imagine. Think red carpet, champagne, runway fashion show & dance party, combined with serious tips, training, and product knowledge that will increase your personal sales and business like you could never imagine. This year it is July 15-17th in Las Vegas and it is WAY cheaper than it was last year! Why am I talking about his now? The earlybird special ends on SUNDAY! So register before the price goes up and the swag goes away! For $199 you get the whole deal..training, entry into the dance party and $300 swag bag with jewels from the new fall collection! WHAT?!! So really...registration is free bc you won't need to spend money on those samples. Plus, they also shower you with other fun swag. The room rates are $79 a night and you will definitely have a buddy to share a room with..so only $39.50 a night! STEAL! Lastly, your plane ticket. There are always deals for flights to Vegas and the last few times I have looked they are $250. Ladies, that is commission from one trunk show. Trust me. If you don't go you'll be sitting at home staring at the fb updates and all the cute pics from Hoopla , steaming with jealousy. Don't do that to yourself. It's not healthy. Take it from Melyssa Nunnari, who signed up for Hoopla after only being a stylist for one month and was at hoopla a month later. Here's what Melyssa had to say about hoopla. " I had been a stylist for about a month and I went to my local meeting. I knew a girl from years back so I sat with her. She asked me at the beginning of the meeting if I was going to Hoopla. I thought "Hoopla", what is this girl talking about and what did I sign up to do with this company?! Well by the end of the meeting I had 3 girls to room with and 2 of those girls sending me links to flights to San Fran. After the meeting I immediately called you (Katie) to ask if you were going. All they had talked about in my local meeting was how going to Hoopla is a business builder/changer, where you learn tips from other stylists and you get to meet wonderful women. The thing that really got me, since I was not totally into style and jewelry prior to becoming a stylist, was when the girls at the local meeting were talking about all the different ways other stylists wear different pieces of jewelry and that they show the different ways at Hoopla. I thought, if I go on this whirlwind weekend and the only thing I get out of it (other than seeing my fabulous sponsor for a quick girls weekend) is learning how to wear jewelry and be able to show the versatility of the jewelry at my trunk shows, it would be worth it for me. Well that it was! Not only did I learn MANY different ways of wearing the jewelry but the exposure to the new line taught me things about the jewelry (new and old) that I would have never learned otherwise. The energy in and out of the general sessions was indescribable and exactly what I needed to bring home with me to build my business into what I wanted it to be. The inspiration that I experienced from women I had never met not only brought me to tears hearing their stories but helped me and taught me how to have passion for what I love the most In my professional life, that now is stella&dot." P.S. Since Hoopla, Melyssa has been consistent in booking and sales. When her calendar is empty, she uses the training she learned from Hoopla and makes it happen!

The Incentive!

Hoopla sounding pretty fantastic right now? Want to be the first to see and try on the new jewels at the runway fashion show and the viewing party? Think you want to attend the champagne lunch for Star Stylists, AKA, the red shoe affair. OR attend the special champagne reception for senior stylists? What if I paid for your plane ticket? Your room fee? Promote to Senior Stylist by June 30th and get $100..from me to you. Take that, room charge! Promote to Star Stylist by June 30th and I'll buy your plane ticket. ($250 value!) Yep. I said it! GAME ON, friends! That's 95 days to make it happen! Think it's not possible? Think again. Your very own upline director, Sarah, promoted to star within 60 days of signing as a stylist, and I did a challenge just like this last year and that's how I promoted to star. Use the amazing sponsoring special to seal the deal with potentials. Let them know they can have more than $900 in free jewels in the next 30 days! ( $450 free at signing and hold 4 shows in the next 30 days!) Who wouldn't want $900 in free jewelry??!! Don't forget to sign yourself up for the "Road to Red Shoe Affair" training series posted in the lounge and let me know your goal! I'm here to partner with you to promote! I can't wait to toast to YOU and all of your successes at Hoopla!
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