Smore Flyer

By: Ian Moore

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William Taft Biography

William Taft may not have been a great president. He was a lazy president and on the bigger side. By bigger side, i mean so big he got himself stuck in his bath tub. But there was thing he was good at when he wasn't thinking he could sit back and relax. He was a trust buster. He took out standard oil, and the tobacco trust.
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William Taft report card

William Taft is not the greatest president around. He does lack a good leadership, he really was looking out for himself. He was not very professional. He was not admired very well. All tough he was respected as a trust buster. And that is really what Taft was known for. He was able to destroy standard oil. Another thing he did was do a dollar diplomacy. Also to help the government he set up reforms. So since he was lazy, but he made up it up with the trust and reforms. I think i will set William Taft at a C to a B.

Leadership is a d

Organization B

Professionalism is a C

Contributions is a c

Theodore Roosevelt


Roosevelt was one of the United States best presidents. He even ended up taking 3 terms instead of 2. Roosevelt fought in wars, and did so much for our country. He was one of the smartest presidents, one of his major mistakes was leaving his apprentice as president. Taft.
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Roosevelt report card

Teddy is one of this nations greatest presidents. He was a very good war leader/hero. He was a very good professionally with the square deal. Theo had to deal with a lot of issues as a president with business regulations.Roosevelt built the panama canal to help his nation memebers and others have an easier time trading and travel. For that reason of how good a president he was i am going to give him an A. Theo was never self centered and always a good leader.
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The History of Theodore [Teddy] Roosevelt - A Short Story

Woodrow Wilson

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was an American politician and academic who served as the 28th President of the United States from 1913 to 1921. Born in Virginia, he spent his early years in Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina.
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Woodrow Wilson ***

Woodrow Wilson report card

Woodrow Wilson deserves a b for leadership because he led the united states of america through world war 1.

he deserves an a in organization for the passing of some of the most important laws. Like the federal reserve and the rights for women to vote.

He deserved a B in professional because of the 19 amendment passing, but then again e was not red hot famous. But on top of that he was pretty well known and liked for his part and actions in WW1.

Contribution was a C, because again he did pass the 19th amendment. But it wasn't exactly 1 of many things hes done. Its one of few and that is the reason i gave him a C.