What To Expect

Grace Brown

First Trimester

You aren't technically pregnant the first two weeks of pregnancy. When your baby reaches the uterus it begins as a small cluster of cells. In week four your baby is then considered an embryo, and the placenta begins to form around it. During the next couple of months your babies vital organs begin to form as well as their arms, legs, head and fingers. It's heart may also begin pumping blood. You might experience nausea, have frequent mood swings, or have to go to the bathroom more than normal. At the end of your first trimester the embryo will be about two and a half inches long, and weigh half of an ounce.

Second Trimester

This is when the baby's brain impulses will begin. Its hair will start to form, it will begin to grow toenails, its lungs will begin their development, and their skeleton will be turning to bone. They may even be to the point where they move around a bit. In addition to the baby you will have more energy, and you won't be throwing up as much. Plus your stomach might begin to show. Don't worry if you gain weight, feel off balance, or have dry eyes. Your appetite could increase, and you might have an aching back or leg cramps. Near the end of this trimester your baby will be approximately four pounds and fourteen and a half inches long.

Third Trimester

During the last trimester your baby is almost done developing. Only a few more months and you will be bringing your child into this world. Meanwhile the baby is getting bigger and stronger. It may even be capable of moving its head. You will have gained weight. On occasion you may experience: heartburn, constipation, tiredness, contractions in your uterus, and your ankles and feet may become swollen. Not to worry your almost done with your little nine month journey.

Advice for the Father

You just found out you're going to be a father. Congratulations! You may already be worrying about your ability to be a dad. This is completely normal. I'm sure you'll be a great father just as long as your trying to be one. You might be feeling left out of the pregnancy since you're not the one carrying the baby. Talk to your partner about these feelings and try to spend lots of time with her.