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February 19, 2016

Jeffrey and Michael Parent Teacher Conference (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Parent-Teacher Communications

I was truly trying to find an inspirational clip on this topic but I came across this one and decided we all need a little humor in our lives. However, when you look past the humor in it you can really see how similar to reality this clip is in our jobs. We all have to engage in difficult parent communications at times especially when delivering a message about their child's achievement or behavior. It is not an easy task.

Over the past few days, I have found myself in multiple conversations with teachers and even personal friends of mine about how the staff here handles as much student discipline on their own as they can. Each wing in the building has its own system for dealing with the daily disruptions and issues. I applaud your efforts in this endeavor and encourage you to continue this practice. Lately, Kevin and I have asked about your parent contact when dealing with grades and behavior. Please continue to contact parents when you see an issue with a student so that when we have to jump in to assist you we have a better record of the situation. An email is certainly sufficient in this respect but as I have stated many times...a phone call goes a long way.

Again, thank you for efforts in keeping our environment safe and secure for our kids.

ID Badges and Inappropriate Computer Usage

Lately we have gotten more and more referrals and frustrated complaints from staff about students not having or not wearing their ID and inappropriate computer surfing. For IDs...Please check for student IDs during homeroom and be sure to send those down who do not have one. If during the day you recognized that a student does not have an ID on you can start logging demerits for them for classroom misconduct. Just put "ID" in the notes section. Be sure to communicate to the student that they are getting a demerit and tell them why they are getting a demerit. We are going to address this with the students on Monday so that you are supported in this request. For computer use...I will just pose a question to you. Can you set up computer stations or areas for students to use the computer and have it situated so that you can see the screen? You know your classroom best but we have to try our best to better monitor their usage.

Parent PARCC Presentation

Below I have shared the link to the PowerPoint Noelle and I presented at both the parent presentations. The presentation is a very general overview of the PARCC system and score reports. Take a moment to see what we have shared with parent.


Thank you to those who would like to join. I hope that more of you are willing to attend to discuss building related topics. My initial plans are to discuss the successes and pitfalls in our master schedule, programs such as Study Island and the utilization of technology in the classroom.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 2/19 - Math 5/6 Collaboration
  • 2/22 - ELA 7 Collaboration
  • 2/22 - Harlem Wizards presentation during lunches - stop by!
  • 2/26 - Math 7 Collaboration/ELA 8 with Jeanene
  • 2/26 - Lopat Idol @ 7:00
  • 2/29 - ELA 6 Collaboration