Mrs. Zavernik's Class Newsletter

February 28, 2014

Here's How We Deal With The Cold!

Indoor recess is getting tough, and we're trying to stay active in the classroom! This week we tried doing yoga! Most of the class enjoyed it and are finding out that it's not as easy as it looks!

Thank You!

Thank you for all of your support this year with your child's education and the digital transformation that is occurring in our district. We are still trying to work out the issues that arise with giving students the freedom to download certain apps. Students should only have age appropriate apps on their iPads and also limiting their game time at home is an important piece to keeping them focused on what the device should be used for. Here are just a few tips to keep the device working for your student as a resource/tool rather than a "game console"

  1. Limit "Screen Time" at night
  2. Don't let your child charge the device/or keep it in their room at night (this will ensure they are not using it behind closed doors when they should be sleeping)
  3. Check to see what your child is playing and if they are playing "Clash of Clans" please check their chat rooms to make sure conversation is appropriate. There have been issues with this.
  4. Remember the device is an amazing educational tool and there are hundreds of useful creativity/educational apps that can really allow your child to thrive in their learning!

Here's what we've been learning....


We're testing our Chapter 6 Part 2 next week Monday/Tuesday. Please use the links I've posted on our planner to help you understand how you can help your child! They are all quick 2 minute or less videos! Next week we're going to start learning how to simplify fractions!


The Theme this week is..."Theme!" We have been discussing common themes in literature. A few we have talked about are: Hope, Courage, Friendship, Acceptance, Responsibility, Respect and Honesty. We're learning how to identify themes in our text.

We're also reestablishing expectations when it comes to writing response questions.


We have been working on our civic action projects and have been researching! These projects are due next Thursday! We're practicing our writing strategies of sentence fluency and transitions!

Social Studies

Civic Action Plan!

This week we raised awareness of how bullying affects us inside. We did a really neat activity with paper people and discussed how we each have been victims of bullying. Please encourage and model appropriate, respectful behavior outside of the school day for your students. The best examples they can see are us as adults making good choices!

Mrs. Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary

"A Person's A Person, No Matter How Small" --Dr. Seuss