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Term 3 - Week 3, 11th August 2022

Kia ora koutou,

Congratulations to our newly appointed Board of Trustees. We are pleased to let you know that Jenny Packham and Marc Brierley are continuing on the Board. We welcome Karina Schofield, Amy Al Chakif and Jae-Marie Macfarlane who are all new members of the Board. We had 5 nominations for the 5 parent representative places so did not need to have an election this time round.

Donna Burns will continue on the Board as our Staff Representative.

A big thank you to Kapie Tawhai and Darryn Onekawa who have served on the Board for the last three and a half years. Kapie was also a member of the Board prior to this, so has contributed his expertise to the school over a long period of time. We thank you for the time and effort you have both put into the governance role as board members.

Kapie Tawhai has been the Presiding Member (new name for Board Chair) for a number of years and we will miss his calm, measured approach and guidance during our meetings.

At our first Board meeting we will elect a new Presiding member and I will let you know who that is after the meeting.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

Ventilation and COVID-19

Fresh or filtered air can reduce your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. Opening windows helps protect you, your whānau and others.

How COVID-19 spreads

When an infected person breathes, speaks, coughs or sneezes, they may spread particles containing the virus.

COVID-19 mostly spreads by aerosols — small virus particles that can stay in the air for minutes to hours. Good ventilation helps remove virus particles in the air.

How COVID-19 spreads

Ventilation when you have COVID-19

If you have COVID-19 you must self-isolate for 7 days. You must stay home and avoid contact with people in your household.

Keep the air in your room fresh. If you can, open windows on different sides of the room to help airflow.

To stop virus particles spreading, reduce airflow from your room to other parts of your home:

  • Block gaps under your door with a towel or draught stopper.

  • Before opening the door into shared spaces, open your window for at least 5 minutes to freshen the air. Close the window before you open the door.

  • In a shared bathroom, switch on the extractor fan or open a window.

  • Close the toilet lid before you flush.

How to improve ventilation at home

We encourage you to let in fresh air every day, including after someone visits your home.

If you can, partly open a window about 5cm for most of the day. Or open windows for at least 15 minutes as often as possible, whenever it is practical to do so.

Try 1 or more of these ways to remove stale air:

  • Open windows or doors on opposite sides of a room to help airflow.

  • Open doors between rooms to ventilate hallways and spaces without windows.

  • In kitchens and bathrooms, switch on the extractor fan or open a window.

  • Open higher windows wider than lower windows. This helps reduce draughts.

  • If your windows do not open, check if your ventilation system filters (cleans) the air.

Steamed-up windows can be a sign of low ventilation.

COVID-19 and ventilation | Ministry of Health

(external link)

In cold or wet weather

Try 1 or more of these ways to refresh air without letting rooms get chilly or damp:

  • Partly open a window for most of the day, for example a 5cm opening.

  • Fully open a window or door for 3 to 5 minutes every hour.

  • Open a window whenever you leave the room, closing the door behind you.

You do not have to leave windows or doors open all the time.

In homes with heat pumps or ventilation systems

Heat pumps, air conditioners and ceiling fans do not refresh the air. Instead, they move around air already in a room. You will need to open doors or windows to remove stale air and let in fresh air.

If you have a home ventilation system, check if it recycles air or filters air:

  • If it recycles air, you need to open windows or doors to move stale air out and let in fresh air.

  • If it filters or cleans air, this helps remove stale air and reduce the risk of virus particles spreading.

Air cleaning technologies | Ministry of Health

(external link)

In rental properties

Landlords must provide good ventilation. If you live in or own a rental property, check ventilation rules on the Tenancy Services website.

Ventilation standard | Tenancy Services

Congratulations to our new Board of Trustees Parent Representatives and Staff Representative.

Big picture

B3 Artwork

These are our Mixed media Giant Wheke's to link with our NZ Histories story of Kupe and the Giant Wheke. We used dye, salt, tissue paper, paint and pastels.

Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition. Students will be presented with their awards on 19th August 2022

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Robbie Dennison for being an exceptional learner in A1. He is always showing a willingness to learn and is always happy to share his thoughts in class. He shows he is a great thinker by always having great ideas and participating in class with enthusiasm and a drive for learning. A1 is very lucky to have such a wonderful role model. Ka Pai o Mahi Robbie, Keep up the awesome work!

A2: Aaliyah Onekawa for being an exceptional learner in A2. She is incredibly diligent, ensuring that she completes all her work to a high standard. Aaliyah understands her learning intentions and remains focused to achieve her success criteria. She is very responsible and has taken on important roles in school this year. Thank you for always working so hard in our class Aaliyah, you are amazing!

A3: Veer Dhillon for showing improved enthusiasm to take charge of his own learning and for striving to achieve excellence. Veer has been demonstrating a positive attitude towards his learning and is beginning to take risks. Keep up the great mahi Veer, we are lucky to have you in A3.

A4: Patrick Nooana for being a respectful and hard working member of A4. He applies his problem-solving skills and perseveres in the face of any challenge. Patrick is accountable for his learning as he understands what he needs to do in order to succeed. He demonstrates our Glenholme values consistently and often uses our learning dispositions of Ngātoroirangi and Ihenga to show independence and curiosity. Me he tē Patrick! A4 is lucky to have you!

A5: Ashmeet Kang you are a positive, enthusiastic member of A5. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you and you often go out of your way to help other people both in the classroom and out, showing that you have integrity and an appreciation for diversity. You have a wonderful sense of humour and an adventurous personality which you bring with you daily in our class and group discussions. Glenholme School and A5 are very lucky to have you as a part of our learning community

Tihiōtonga Team

B3: Kyra Baldwin for her outstanding attitude towards her learning. Kyra strives for Excellence in everything she does and always has a positive outlook. Kyra has worked especially hard with her Maths and practiced well for the Mathathon. She is a Self-Regulator and a valuable member of B3. We are very lucky to have you in our class, keep up the fantastic work!!

B4: Zion Mita for becoming more of a risk taker. You are making a huge effort with your writing and are contributing more, taking more risks and are challenging yourself when you get stuck. You are beginning to understand the importance of the Learning Pit and are building upon your kete of strategies. Tu meke Zion! Whaea Nicky is proud of you.

B5: Manaia Pakoti-Low for being a B5 superstar. Manaia is a sensible girl who listens carefully to instructions and completes tasks to a high standard. She is a good role model for others in the class and you can always count on her to be in the right place at the right time. Keep up the excellent effort Manaia, B5 are lucky to have you!

B7: Tyreace Cornwall for being a Risk Taker and Self Regulator. Tyreace has worked very hard on being a supportive friend and role model in B7. He has also stepped up as a Kai Tane to lead the Kapa Haka during Assembly. Kia kaha Tyreace, Ka wani ke!

Pukehangi Team

B1: Neo Pakoti-Low for giving lots of things in class a go and engaging in learning through play. You are respectful to others and are aware of what respect looks like in the classroom. Keep showing the school values and striving for excellence.

A6: Kenzie Teaz for consistently showing Integrity in the classroom and during our Learning through Play sessions. Kenzie, you are a thoughtful, caring member of A6. You always try your best and are often seen helping those around you. Keep being a fantastic superstar Kenzie!

C6: Saviour Bristowe for being a C6 Superstar! Saviour arrives at school with a positive attitude and consistently demonstrates the Glenholme School Values & Dispositions. She tries her best in all of her learning and has made some fantastic progress, especially in writing some high frequency words by herself. Keep up the hard mahi Saviour, you are amazing.

C7: Te Akeake McLean for being a keen learner at school. Te Akeake has been working hard to learn alphabet letters and sounds. This is helping him to make progress with Reading and Writing. He is also doing some excellent reading practice at home and at school. Te Akeake joins in all our school activities cheerfully, and has great energy and enthusiasm for Dance. Keep up your good attitude and hard work, Te Akeake. We love having you in our class.

C8: Cornelia Baldwin for always being respectful. Cornelia uses good manners and follows the school rules consistently. She always greets people with a happy smile, and she is helpful and kind to her friends. She uses her listening ears at mat time and she is a great line leader. Keep up the great work Cornelia.

C9: Kynxon Te Kaawa-Ripia for the progress he has made in following class routines and expectations. Knyxon arrives at school each morning, knowing what to do and quickly makes sure he is ready for the day. He is keen to join in for the morning welcomes, karakia and waiata. Tino Pai Knyxon!

Friends of the School Math-a-thon

Glenholme School F.O.T.S. Maths A Thon 2022

Congratulations to all our winners

Navya Kumar

Pryor Godbold-Henderson

Natalie Sewell

Joanne Peato Katoa

Layla Thompson

Robyn-Rae Tapu

Czarina Laturnas

Khyrie Mita

Indi Pugh

Willow Bryers

Lucas Jensen

F.O.T.S and the Glenholme School whānau want to give a big THANK YOU! to the below sponsors for donating vouchers for different experiences for our tamariki to do within our community. Your support means a lot to us as a Kura, especially in these uncertain times.

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Term Dates 2022

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Term 4 17th October - 16th December

Wednesday 24th/Thursday 25th/Friday 26th August - A3/A5 Academic Achievement Discussion

Friday 8th July - End of Term 2

Friday 21st October - Greats and Gran's Day

Monday 24th October - Labour Day

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