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Penelope: The Faithful

Penelope was married to the king of Ithaca, Odysseus. She was alone for twenty years due to her husband fighting in the Trojan War. Antonius was trying to get her to remarry. While waiting for her husband to return, she came up with various ways to delay marrying one of the 108 suitors. Penelope pretended to be weaving a burial shroud for Odysseus's elderly father Laertes and claiming that she will choose a suitor when she has finished. Every night for 3 years, she undoes some of the weaving so it takes more time. When Odysseus returned he disguised himself as a beggar, so people wouldn't recognize him, to find that she has stayed faithful. After Odysseus kills all the suitors, Penelope still has a hard time believing that her husband is still alive. She then orders to have her bed moved, knowing that it is impossible to move. Odysseus then states that he knows the bed cannot be moved because he has built it himself. Penelope then realized that this is her true husband.
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