Floppy Disk

By jenny.williams

What is a floppy disk?

A floppy disk is also called a diskette. It is a storage disk, you can put what you want on to it. It is a bit like a hardrive but a disk. It is for keeping information that you cannot keep on your computer. The biggest floppy disk held 720 kb but now we have a hard drive which holds a lot more. The floppy disk is not that big it is 8 inches (200mm) then later on it became smaller to 5 1/4 inches (113 mm). you can still buy a floppy disk but most people get a hard rive because it is better and holds more storage. The floppy disk drive is also known as a FDD.

Floppy Disk Video
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Who made the floppy disk?

Yoshiro Nakamatsu made the floppy disks.

Born: June 26, 1928 (age 86)

Children: Nakamatsu yoshinari