Youth Partnership for Health

Youth council for state, local and community stakeholders.

Who is YPH?

YPH is a youth advisory council for state, local, and community stake holders. As a council of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, YPH was created to ensure opportunities for the recommendations and needs of young people are integrated in the programs and policies that affect youth. YPH consists of youth consultants, ages 13-19, all selected for their unique experiences that serve as a foundation from which they can provide open and honest feedback. YPH aims to represent youth from all over Colorado. All members of YPH are passionate about the health and well-being of youth, as well as being a catalyst for improving outcomes for all young people statewide.
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Want to be a part of YPH? APPLY!!

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YPH is for youth 13-19 from all backgrounds and experiences. APPLY by July 14, 2014!

Why involve youth in your policy or program design and delivery?

Youth involvement makes reaching your target audience easier, more effective, and will maximize your potential for success. Youth advisory helps adults recognize what are concerns for teens and how to reach them effectively. Involving YPH brings greater mission clarity, increased connectivity, and greater appeal to funders.

"We worked with CDPHE’s Youth Partnership for Health group as a resource for our youth prevention tobacco control work. The group represents a broad variety of kids from around the state from different types of schools and with different interests and backgrounds. They were open, honest and incredibly insightful. The feedback we received from the Youth Partnership for Health group was invaluable to our work and we would definitely work with them again."

--Abigail Kesner SE2

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