ClAuDiA MeLlOr

the Future Belongs to those who believe in their dreams.


this year we have learned about many things, like how we work in a team, what is our style of work, what is important to us in a job, wht jobs would be good for us and much, much more. We have gained many skills in this class as well. Like how to make a business card, how to us microsoft word, and what jobs would give us the things the thing we want.

Team Style

I am Blue, which means.....

Traits- genuine, caretaker, peacemaker, trustworthy, loyal, optimistic, nurturing, emotional, team player, think of others, devoted, and friendly.

How we listen: We on not only the words, but the body language. We watch the tone and the hand gestures. Also we can see if the speaker is sincere or not .

Communication styles: personal, emotional, sincere, polite, mannerly, and indirect.

Frustrations: negative, rudeness, and conflict.

What Makes or Breaks

Interest Results

1 Professional Support Services

2 Counseling and Mental Health Services

3 Teaching and Training

4 Consumer Services

5 Family and Consumer Services

Skills Interest

1 Health Informatics

2 Legal Services

3 Professional Support Services

4 Logistics and Planning Services

5 Planning

Work Value Results

1 Accomplishment

2 Income

3 Prestige

4 Work Place

5 Innovation

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Brain Hemispheres.

Brain dominance is not an unchangeable fact of life. You are not limited to only your dominate side; that’s just what comes naturally. You can learn to think using the opposite side by practicing. Being able to use both sides of your brain or switch from side to side will increase your success in school work, relationships, and work.

Kuder Test Results

We took various test on a wide variety of things that would help us for see into our future. Mine revealed I would be best working with people and data. Like doctors, business excutives and therapists.

Wednesday, May 24th 2017 at 1-3pm

Bentonville, AR

Bentonville, AR

I will graduate ftom Bentonville High School, in May of 2017.