Fulton Focus

For the Parents and Patrons of Fulton Public Schools

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Patrons,

“SO! You were in the Principal’s office today!” “Yes Mom, but I was caught being good!”

True, district wide we have and continue to implement Positive Behavior Intervention Support. The crux of PBIS is to be caught and recognized for good behavior and good citizenship in the classroom, building or on the bus. Each building has an individual plan, with the results being decreased discipline incidents the past few years. By decreasing discipline issues our students stay in class more and focus on constructive academic activities.

Tonight when your student comes home, ask if he/she has been to the Principal’s office and learn a student’s perspective of the PBIS program.

PBIS is simply another strategy to help your student succeed at FPS. Thank you for sending great kids and supporting Fulton Public Schools.

Dr. Jacque Cowherd


Teacher Professional Development

Teachers love learning! During the school year from September to February, there is a scheduled day each month for Teacher Professional Development. In September, teachers worked on building goals, continued working through the Professional Learning process, expanded their knowledge on running records and websites, and met in Data Teams to analyze student data. There were also teachers that worked on curriculum and others that were engaged in discussions about Priority Standards. According to Doug Reeves, " Priority Standards are a very limited set of learning objectives organized for each grade and subject. It is not the total curriculum, just the 'safety net' that every teacher should ensure that every student learn." Professional Days are all about teachers learning so teachers can help students learn.

FHS Students to Compete in The Constitution Project

The Constitution Project is a competition involving teams from schools across the state of Missouri. Each team is comprised of journalists, crime scene investigators, and trial advocacy. For several weeks prior to the competition, our team will be mentored by expert professionals from our own Fulton community. We have enlisted the guidance of Judge Carol England, Prosecutor Chris Wilson, Major Roger Rice of the FDP, and Mr. Rick Kennedy of the Fulton Sun.

The competition starts with the official kickoff day on September 22 at the State Capitol. Students will be introduced to their fields for the competition and have the opportunity to meet with other mentors from around the state. The next part of the competition, regionals, will take place during the last two weeks of October. Students will be on their own for this part -- investigating a mock crime scene, reporting on the scene, and finally taking the case to trial. The winning teams at the regional competition will then have an opportunity to compete at the state level in November. The state competition again involves a crime scene, reporting, and trial advocacy.

This is the first year for Fulton to compete in this competition, and we will compete in the Eastern Region against Cardinal-Ritter College Preparatory High School in St. Louis, North Technical High School in Florissant and St. James High School in St. James. For further information, please go to the competition website: https://www.courts.mo.gov/civiceducation/pages/const_proj_home.html

Breakfast in the Classroom UpDate

The numbers for Breakfast in the Classroom keep going up! As you can see in the pictures below, the kids are loving the cereal! With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, the benefits of Breakfast in the Classroom are incredible. According the Food and Nutrition Service, breakfast helps "improve school performance, allowing students to do better on tests."

Bartley - Average Daily Participation has doubled from last year

Average Daily Participation for September - 164 (60%)

Year-to-date High Participation 202 (73%)

McIntire - Increase in Average Daily Participation by 35% from last year

Average Daily Participation for September 292 (74%)

Year-to-date High Participation 314 (79%)

Bush - Increase in Average Daily Participation by 37% from last year

Average Daily Participation for September 335 (84%)

Year-to-date High Participation 352 (88%)

Important Dates

Friday, October 2 Dismiss 1 hour early (Homecoming)

Monday, October 12 No School (Teacher Professional Development)

Tuesday, October 13 End of 1st Quarter

Wednesday, October 14 MAP Gold Medal Awards 6 p.m. Roger D. Davis Gymnasium

Wednesday, October 14 Board of Education Meeting 7 p.m.

Friday, October 30 No School (Earned Day Off)

Monday, November 2 No School (Active Shooter Training for all staff provided by The Callaway County Sheriff's Department)

Monday, November 9 No School (Teacher Professional Development)