Thank You!

To all the inspirational and talented Logosians and friends.

Well Done.

It's taken awhile to get this to you all, but we didn't want to neglect the opportunity to remind you of how genuine the talent show was this year- and how blessed we were by your humble gifts. And so we present to you our thanks and a recap in pictures.

Love Song

Karen your rendition was really beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us the simply joy of a great melody on piano. It was lovely.

Be Inspired

We were especially grateful for how much you all took the theme we felt God had put on our hearts and used it. The words were great and the song was so catchy. It was a great way to open the second half!


This one was deep. We loved the writing and the melody, and that whole cup thing was really clever! I'm not sure anyone saw this coming and it was an awesome performance.

What really counts?

From day to day I'm not sure we think about this that often. You guys in the dance group definitely challenged us to think about PURPOSE. And the dancing was dope.

Chicken Wing So Tasty

Who knew we had some real mcs in the house? It was a hilarious and confident performance that made us all want to sing along.

Don't Eat It So Hasty

We sincerely thank you for reminding us not to rush eating our food. We could choke. Good lookin' out.


We were so proud of all of you for viewing your perfomances as service for God and not a stage for you all to get glory. This was true from the oldest to the youngest, and from the front to the back. Tech crew- you were awesome. We really appreciated all of the physically challenging work you gave us the whole night of setting up and tearing down the stage. It was a great benefit to all.


We hope your last talent show was a memorable and rewarding experience. Thank you for writing such a simple and beautiful melody based off of the word. We hope you take all that creativity and respect for His word out into the "real world" next year.

Labor of Love

From the very beginning it was a labor of love for us. One of the elementary students during the first half gave this wise piece of advice to one of her friends, "Just do it for God and you won't be nervous." Thank you to everyone who got up on stage and all of you who worked the sound or the backstage area or dealt with tickets. We hope the night was encouraging and inspiring. I am trusting God will give us more of His love and vision for next year. Until then- keep writing, practicing and creating!

From the Talent Show Staff