The Battles Of Lexington And Concord

ok come on now when you here the battles of Lexington and concord you think the british fired one of the ameracans when guns were on hold ans it got all serious so both contrys ran away and waited to the next day to attack . But don't come hunting me down because you think im on the british side because all im trying to say is thereis a story behind all of this blody action.
It was dark outside.One of the redcoats were out on nightduty. they see one of the colonist heading for Lexington.(samual adams was the colonist heading for Lexington).The readcoat was suspicious of who was heading for Lexington and the redcoat figured out it was samual Adams meting up with Jhon the british soldiors went to sneak on the colonist. But paul revere went to Lexington to warn the colonist that the British were coming. so when they came the minuteman were ready.