Principal Update

March 12, 2015


BSE Staff,

As we enter the pre-Spring Break portion of our year I would love to offer you a few reminders that will ensure that our students remain highly engaged, safe, and drama free.

First, now that we are having outdoor recess it is time for the adults to commit to professional supervision. Professional supervision requires that each of us be in the appropriate spaces, actually observe the students, intervene prior to behavior escalation, and being aware of our radio communication. I will be assertive in evaluation of our supervision levels the next three weeks and appreciate your diligence in this arena!

Next in line is the actual hallway "line." Today as I was observing a teacher a class stampeded down the hall and the teacher was far ahead of the group with their back turned. Hallway traffic needs to be heavily controlled and in doing so being eyes on the entire time and committing to level 1 voices ensures that discipline in the hallways will be reduced to zero. Stay committed to your transitions and prevent all of the push/shoves/fights that may occur when you don't provide "best" transition expectations.

Lastly and most important, commit to the instructional process. This is the perfect time to ramp up your expectations and engagement during the instructional day. Keep your kids so challenged and creatively engaged that they don't find a second to find distraction or disciplinary issues! Don't forget to use your outside environment to assist in gathering higher levels of engagement. If it is beautiful and you want to read or study outside, have at it! Just hit us on the radio so we know where to find you.

Thank you for your positive energy, commitment, and focus during the pre-break weeks!

The NWEA test schedule....Why so early for certain grade levels?

Many of you have been curious about the NWEA schedule for the year and have requested that it be changed. I wanted to make sure you understand that our Kinder and 2nd grade must begin first as the high ability process is initiated by this assessment. The follow up of Cogat etc. requires the time that is allotted for us to complete the process. On the other end we have 3rd and 4th taking ISTEP, a huge overnight field trip, so we had to plan around all of those dates. Essentially when you do so, there is literally no days left in the school year! This schedule will be firm on K, 1, and 2 while possible change could occur to 3rd and 4th. Mrs. Ryan will communicate any and all changes as they come to us. In the mean time all you can do is take advantage of every second you have to keep your instruction on target until your assessment.

Tech Survey

I want to personally thank all of you for the time and commitment you offered our Tech coaches last month when we ran a full review of our iPad and apple tv equipment. As of this very moment in time we are 100% up and running on all items! Please continue to send help tickets and email me if you have issues with any of the equipment. One of our principals (high school) couldn't believe that we had all our equipment working and I told him it was because I have the most dedicated staff in town!

In order to continue to strive for our greatest service level in technology I will need to better understand your specific and current needs. This survey will assist the tech coaches and myself the ability to ensure we get you the appropriate training you will need to be successful with our technology. Please take a minute to fill this out and thank you!