Career Spotlight


Aquarist Benefits

Being an aquarist has many fun advertures to it. We have so much fun taking care of animals. A lot ot them even come directly from the wild. We help breed different species and give food and vitamins for the fish and other aquarium animals. It is very fun to take care of all the aquatic animals in the large aquariums.

Average $32,000 per year

How to become an Aquarist

It's a really fun and interesting to be an aquarist for a career. Althought its very important to do have theses to become an aquarist. You need to have a bachelor's degree in marine biology or zoology. Not only that you have to be an experienced suba diver. Another thing is to have deep interest in animals and keen observational skills. There are also many companys that hire this field for example, Monterey Bay Aquarium, The National Aquarium, and the Walt Disney Company. Also the project job growth is faster then the average at 14-20 percent.