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Beginning To End

Born on November 21 1694 in Paris France Voltaire was exiled to Tulle in 1715. Two years later in 1717 he returned to Paris, only to be arrested and exiled to the Bastille for a year. He was sent to the Bastille again in 1726 before being shipped off to England. In 1733 he fled to Lorraine, and in 1759 he wrote the satirical novella Candide. In 1778, Voltaire returned to Paris where he died there on May 30th 1778.


Voltaire wrote about freedom and human rights like another author by the name of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.Voltaire had started his fight for freedom during the French Revolution.

Voltaire The Bad Guy?

Voltaire was arrested in Bastille for a year because he wanted freedom and the same rules and laws everybody has.
Voltaire Biography


"Man is free at the instant he wants to be"

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