Celebrating Fifty Years of Excellence - April 29, 2016

Timeline for Grades and Report Cards

Friday, May 20: Last day to enter grades, comments, effort, etc.

Sunday, May 22: Report card drafts will be emailed to you by 5:00 pm.

Monday, May 23: Preview report cards, make necessary corrections or printing for those that are correct.

Tuesday, May 24: Printing of all report cards and delivered to teachers.

The turn around time is very tight for this last set of report cards. Please make every effort to have your grades up to date during the next few weeks.

Time to Celebrate!

Next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week! See the attached flyer for more information for how we will celebrate our great staff each day. Please refer to the attachment that came with the link to Staff Stuff.

Upcoming STEM Event

Trash to Treasure Day is Friday, May 6th. Don't forget to continue saving your recyclable or reusable items for your students to use on this day. The email below was sent to staff in March.

Earth Day is Friday, April 22, which falls right in the middle of our Milestones testing. Instead of trying to plan something then, we decided to move our celebration day to May 6th to coincide with the 4th grade program, which is all about Earth Day. However, 5th grade has volunteered their students to clean the playground on Earth Day.

How are we going to celebrate Earth Day? May 6th is 'Trash to Treasure' day. The 4th grade program will be broadcast via closed circuit tv for viewing in your classrooms, beginning at 9:00 am. Then, throughout the day, grade levels will team up to complete a 'Trash to Treasure' STEM build. The task is for student teams to use the design process to build/construct an item that either can complete a task, make a task easier or is in someway useful or helpful.

What materials are we going to use? We didn't want to ask the students to start bringing in 'trash' because that could get way out of control, so teachers will be in charge of bringing in whatever recyclables, reusables, etc. that they want their students to use. That way, you can control what ends up in your classrooms!

Who will I be working with and when? Grade level buddies can work together to set up a time/schedule and how to divide students.

Grade Level Buddies:

K & 3

1 & 4

2 & 5

What should I do to prepare for May 6th? Begin saving items for students to use

Any more questions, please ask your STEM PLC representative.

Please log-in to

If you have not done so, please log in to at least make sure your account is set up properly as we plan to use this next year.


You should have received an email from about access to your new lesson plan book. You are welcome to go ahead and start using it if you are comfortable doing so. There are several teachers on our staff who are already using this software. The expectation is that everyone will use this next year so go ahead and dive in if you wish. One of the neat components of this software is the ability to share plans. If you are the designated math person for your grade level, you can set up draft plans then share with your grade-level colleagues.

Give it a try:

username: your district email

initial password: last name (all lower case)

See Amanda if you have any issues logging into the system.

No lunch charges...

Beginning May 2, there will be no more charging for staff and all children. All accounts need to be kept current.

Week at a Glance

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