Identity & Culture

Module TWO - Sept. 28 - Oct. 9

This module covers the identity, how we define it, and how society does.

Essential Questions:

1) How do we define Identity?

2) What is culture?

3) How is culture related to our identity?

At the completion of this module you can expect to:

Ø Critically read and evaluate three types of literary texts in one theme, including a fictional short story, poems, and a short essay.

Ø Demonstrate emerging mastery of analysis of literature by answering specific questions on the text.

Ø Participate as a member of a learning community by writing and sharing your written work.

Ø Write an academic response to a work of literature using appropriate terminology

Ø Use a process approach to continue your writing development.

Mini Lesson #1- The Insane Race Game

Read this presentation to get background information on America's history of the perception of race. This connects to the story "Desiree's Baby".

Assignment #1 - "Desiree's Baby" by Kate Chopin

Pick ONE section (2 questions total) to answer & submit in the assignment link on the right.

Section 1

1. Look at the names in the story: Desiree, La Blanche, L’Abri. What is the associated

meaning of each name and how does that relate to the story? (You will need to Google the meaning of the names in order to complete this)

2. Examine the character of Armand. Is he pitiable or not? What motivates him? What is

his background? Does he have a choice at the end of the story regarding Desiree and

the baby?

Section 2

1. What does the fire symbolize at the end of the story? (There are several viable


2. Tied in with the fire symbolism, if we as readers see Armand linked to satanic

images, what support from the text could we find?

Section 3

1. Identify the 3 main colors in the story. Who is associated with each of the colors and

what is the significance?

2. In this story, Chopin is encouraging a discussion of gender roles. Based on the

character of Desiree, what conclusions can you draw about a woman’s place in


Section 4

1. Argue whether or not Armand loves Desiree. Support your answer with specific

textual references.

2. Project how you believe Armand will feel after the conclusion of the story. Why do

you believe this to be true?

Section 5

1. Argue whether or not Armand knew he was “tainted” before discovering the letter at

the end of the story. Use specific examples from the text and draw some conclusions.

Do you think he even knew about the letter before the end of the story?

2. Find a few examples of irony in the story, explain them with references to the text.

Desiree's Baby Story:

Assignment #3 - "Black? White? Asian?" - New York Times

Assignment #4 -Black? White? Asian? Response & Class Discussion

1) Review what makes a good written response

2) Compose your response and post it.

3) Reply to at least ONE other student's posting.

* State whether you agree or disagree

* Give specific reasons why for support

Assignment #5 - "The Veil"

ASSIGNMENT #5 - "The Veil"

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Due: Friday, October 9, 2015 at 11:59 pm

“The Veil” is a narrative about the author’s childhood experience during times of deeply political and social upheaval. While deeply personal, the story also comments on the culture and period in which she was a child.

Answer the following questions in paragraph format to analyze this story:

1) What is the social/political milieu Satrapi is navigating (you will want to research this on the internet).

2) Do you think the form used (graphics) is effective? Why or why not, explain.

3) How does this story demonstrate the formation of identity? Give examples from the text.