Estonia's Independen-ce

Hailey Eddington; 5th hour

Losing Independence

Estonia first gained it's independence in 1920. Estonia then lost its independence in 1940. Estonia declared neutrality in the war but fell under the Soviet influence due to the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact and was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1940. A lot of political arrests, deportations, and executions followed. According to the agreement, Russia would have control over Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

Fate of Estonia

The fate of Estonia in World War 2 was laid by the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact in August 1939. In the Summer War during a German operation in 1941, the Forest Independence (who were pro-independence) captured South Estonia from the NKVD. At the same time, the Soviets carried out operations, including looting, stealing, and killing, based on tactics by Joesph Stalin. Estonia was then occupied by Germany. Many battles, killings, arrests, and other things followed.

Restoring Independence

Estonia lost it's independence in 1940, but restored it's independence in 1987-1991. As Germans retreated, a government was formed led by Otto Tief (Deputy Prime Minister). A couple days later, the Estonian national government was proclaimed. Estonian forces seized the government buildings in Toompea and ordered the German forces to leave. After German forces left, the Estonian military units continued to resist the Red Army. A little later in 1987-1991, Estonia restored it's independence.