Lucy's Poems

4th grade 2012-2013

Shape Poem - Popsicle

Cold, wet, slimmy, slippery, colorful, sweet, freezer, freezing,

summer, outside, porch, drip, yummy, delicous, melting.

Limerick - Ella

There once was a girl named Eella

she had a horse named Bella

she fell off that horse

and got hurt of course

but she kept on riding that Fella

Acrostic - Grass

Green and beautiful

romp and play

among the wilderness

singing birds

sweet summer smells

Haiku - Waterfall

Bright blue flowing down,

water, water, blue and white

steep, steep, waterfall

My Bio Poem


Who is smart, funny, cute, nice

Daughter of Lynee and Jaime M.

Lover of Drawing and gymnastics

Who Fears Spider's and Storms

Who needs Vacation and a dog who will cuddle

Giver of Love and Kindness

Who would like to see Hawaii and Texas

Resident of Harlan



I saw two planes in the sky

they saw a red butterfly.

I have a Monkey

and he is funkey.

I tripped on my shoe lace,

and fell on my face.

My Diamante


tasty, crunchy,

popping, flying, bouncing,

microwave, stir crazy, feild, tractor

grows, eaten, picked,

hard yellow