Non-Traditional Careers

Let's change society's preconception!

Myth #2: " Men are not nurturing enough to work with small children."

This myth originated from the days when women stayed home to raise children while men went to work. As this has changed over time, men are found to be stay at home dads and work in more traditional female roles like day care and elementary education. And to prove this myth wrong, men have proven that they can be just as loving and nurturing as women. Because nurturing isn't a matter of gender, but personality.

Myth #3: "Women are not strong enough for trade or construction."

this myth is based on the fact that the average woman has less upper body strength then the average man. But as veteran women construction workers say, that the job is mentally hard. Also women can make adaptations in their work techniques to take advantage of their lower body strength. But still today women face barriers when it comes to entering the construction field. But as more and more women become successful in the field the less this will be an issue/preconception.

Myth #5: "Women do not have a strong aptitude for math and science."

The reason for this myth is because typically men now at days still out number in STEM related careers. Although women have the aptitude, historically they have been faced with many challenges. Like having a shortage of female mentors. Or lack of acceptance and having to cope with gender differences.