Ms. Buckley's Class News



We are going to Shrek the Musical on Wednesday, December 3rd. I had the chance to share this with most of you at conferences. Please send your child with a sack lunch for that day, as we will not be back in time for regularly scheduled lunch. This does not apply to you if we discussed that you need the school to provide lunch.

Our Winter Party is Tuesday, December 23rd from 1:00 - 1:30, (we have a two-hour early release this day) and we have had some sign up to bring items or volunteer their time. If you are interested in either of these things, please go to the following link: .

We have our PBIS Celebration with a Camp Out in the school on Thursday, December 4th. There will be camping grounds set up in our Application Room and we will spend some time quietly reading as a class. You do not need to send anything extra with students, everything they need will be provided here.


Another reminder for reading minutes: Your student is expected to read 20 minutes per night during the week, (Monday through Thursday). On the weekends, it is encouraged for them to read but it is not required. Please make sure you mark down and sign the sheet when your student is reading at home. These are due on Friday each week. If your student occasionally forgets their reading minutes, they can bring this in on the following Monday. If it becomes a pattern, I will address that issue with the individual student.

Lucky Listener - Students have started bringing home their Lucky Listener poems. They need to read this 5 times each night, either to a person, a pet, a stuffed animal, or whoever they can write down on their paper. If they do not have this done, they will be reading to me at the next recess.

Math homework - If your student does not have their math homework done when it is assigned, your student will be expected to complete that homework the following night on top of other homework we have. There will be exceptions if you write a note on their homework explaining why or asking for more help if your student needs it. Thanks for your support with all the students' work at home!

Mystery Student Program

We are still working toward our goal of 36 Mystery Students. We are currently at 32, so you should be hearing about our next celebration fairly soon. We do not decide this until after students reach their goal, so I will let you know what they decide when that time comes.

Since our last newsletter, we have had 12 Mystery Students recognized in class: Hannah, Braiden, Lexie, Sadie, Jacob, Zoey, Dharma, Heather, Zach and Ben. Thanks to these students for helping our class reach our goal!

Things We Have Been Learning

Reading/Writing - We have read several stories as a class and we are continuing to work on our theme and summary skills. We are currently working on writing our own plays in small groups that we will perform in class.

Math - We are working with long division. Soon, we will start using our division learning to solve multi-step word problems with division. Our unit test will be before Christmas break.

Social Studies - We have moved to learning about the Northeast region. We have talked about the geography, the land and water, and the climate of this region so far.

Social/Emotional Learning - We have had a couple more lessons with our guidance counselor. We have just started learning about managing our emotions and the calming-down process when we have strong emotions.

If you only need this newsletter sent to one e-mail address and I sent it to two people, please e-mail me to let me know which address you would like me to send this to. This will be coming every other week.