UNIV 200

CJ SanJose's Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles


When I looked back at one of my first blog posts, I listed these as my existing skills:

  • active listening
  • creative thinking
  • writing
  • planning
  • working with peers
  • technology smart

Now looking back at these, not only did I improve in some of these like creative thinking and teamwork, but I developed a whole other list of new skills:

  • How to ask questions...about everything!
  • How to "dig-deeper"
  • Giving explanation with examples (without examples, there is no way of understanding!)
  • Relating different subjects with others (MAPS. maps are a such a useful tool.)

As you can see, my skills form before were a lot more basic compared to the new things that I have learned. This class was all about learning new skills and ways to strategically plan your papers and ways of thinking. These skills are things that I have actually used with people outside of the class. I began to ask more and more questions when I am in conversation with others. I believe that asking questions was the most useful skill that I learned to do within this class. Although, I will definetly use these in all of my other classes.


Since this class is all about thinking and asking questions, my curiousness has increased to an entirely new height. It is very important to keep an open mind during this class because everyday, we are discussing and thinking in depth into what we are talking about. If we do not keep an open mind, class can become frustrating and hard to get through. Trust me, sometimes I have been so stumped in class because my mind just has no idea where to go! However, this has taught me to always just keep my mind open when thinking about different beliefs, opinions, and decision making. Perseverance is something that I learned to do because there is always more to something. You have to keep pushing yourself in order to develop new skills and insights. If you don't, then what is there to learn about yourself?


Even though that is something I believe I still need to work on, it is something that can truly help you find who you are as a person and who you are as a thinker.


Again... always ask questions.


Your mentality is based on your own capabilities. Find what type of thinker you are.


Here is a list of insights that I have gained within UNIV 200:

  • When there's a will, there is a way!
  • There is more to everything
  • Do not just assume!
  • The internet can not always give you the correct answer..
  • Society, media, and the internet are making us believe that we need to be someone else that we are not.
  • There is never just ONE answer.
  • The way we think and our assumptions can be easily manipulated.. when we do not even see it coming.

All of the videos that we watched and all the discussions about the technological advancements, really put things into perspective for me. The video with the movie theater and all of the motorcycle gang members sitting in the seats and the british gum commercial, taught a lot about assumptions. We cannot always assume that something is the way that it is.. which why going into depth using the skills we have learned is important when making an argument.

Here is a gum commercial that has gone viral. This commercial grabs the audience's attention by creating a love story between two teenagers. And the message that it is portraying is that you will fall in love by chewing and sharing Extra gum, just how this couple did.

Extra Gum Commercial 2015 - The Story of Sarah & Juan
Here is another video where this "lost" guy asks people if he could use their phone to call someone. You would ASSUME these people would let them use their phone, considering they have one. However, you will be surprised to see who actually DOES help him out... when you may think they could not have helped him at all.
This Will Change The Way You Think Social Experiment


An obstacle faced in UNIV 200 so far, was the whole process of learning all of the new skills, insights, and dispositions. At the beginning of the semester, I remember having to think hard about everything we were doing. When it was first learning how to ask questions about questions to how to create maps for thinking. At first, these things used to be so confusing and my brain would start hurting! I'm just kidding, not literally. But thinking became hardcore excersise!

Another obstacle regarding this class is the structure. To be honest, thought vectors is still a little confusing to me. And the way we are being graded is still very vague to me. That is one big issue that I have because since we are not graded by points, it was hard to manage writing and doing blogs. The fact that we had to do things on our own, made me realize a lot about myself. For instance, I need to plan my schedule better in order to complete the work and I need to do things for myself and not others because my development is based upon myself. Completing things has been a struggle for me because I never know whether I have to do something or not. But then that is when I realized, we are doing all these things for our own good, not for Dr.Hale's. We are trying to build our own character and ways of thinking that will work best for us.

As we get through the semester, these obstacles become less hard to overcome because our minds are working, growing, and opening. Whether you do not unerstand a question or activity or assignment, you have to persevere and think. Ask questions. Utilize everthing in your surroundings whether it is the internet, your peers, or your awesome professor! That is one of the most important things to remember when you are being challenged or have a problem. Do not be afraid to ask for help.