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Schools are wasting water everyday so here are ways the school can save water

Ways to reduce water consuption

Schools in the world are becoming less green every second of the day. So here are ways ALL schools in the world can become greener in the catagory of WATER.

1.Dripping Faucet- Most school kids might not turn the handle on the faucet all the way off and that can waste THOUSANDS of gallons of water in a year

2.Running toilets in schools- Some schools have older toilets and sometimes they can keep running and waste water. So your school can install new toilets or if the toilet can hold this your school can get timed fucets and flushers

3.If there are leaks- if there are leaks in your school and an adult sees it they can handle it them selves but if a kid sees it they should report it to a teacher or a custodian right away so the school dosent waste water