Southeast region

By: Bryson Weger

Southeast region

The southeast region is a great place to live. If you like the heat. the southeast region is close to the equator an imaginary line in the middle of the earth. The sun directly hits that point.


The southeast region is home to many great cultures. Here are some. the southeast region is home to jazz, gospel, blues, and Elvis. And the food is inspired by Mexican, French, British, Creole/Cajun, Central and South America, and Caribbean.


The land-form in the region is very swampy and flat. The Appalachian trail has many mountains.

Natural and renewable resources

The southeast region has plenty of resources such as natural gas, bio fuels, bio mass, and animal waste.

Non-renewable resources

There are lots of non renewable resources. Bio fuel, coal, energy, natural gas, oil, solar power, and wind power.


The climate in the southeast region is very warm. In the summer time it can be about 90 degrees. And in the fall time the mid 80s.


In the southeast region has many good services. growing crops, serving in a national parks, and volunteering.