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Week 9: October 17-21

Principal's Message

Every morning I say a prayer. The exact same prayer. I ask that God watch over my daughter, that she always knows her worth, knows that she is loved, that she is capable and that she stays humble and kind through it all. I say a prayer for her future. I will do anything to make sure she is taken care of and she is safe. Being a parent is one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever experienced, but before that, and every day I step into this building, I am another type of parent. Every day I walk into this building, I have to think about the 1600+ students that step into the same hallways and the 150 teachers and staff members that I have to be a leader for. I know that everyday I’m under a microscope and I have to be on, I have to be ready, with a positive spirit to lead. It’s a mindset. I have to work every day to make sure that my intentions for the day are positive and that I don’t let anyone take that from me. I want each and every one of you to know that I really do believe in you and what your work is about. You face our students every day. You possibly see them more than their parents actually do and because of how much you are in their life, you have a voice, just as I do with my daughter, to either break or make their spirit. I know that we have students who act like they don’t care, but why? Why do they have that mindset? What causes them to believe that low about what they can do? Have you asked? I believe that everyone wants to be happy and successful, even if it’s hidden away. Be positive, know that although our work may be difficult, sometimes overbearing, you have a special power to guide students, children, to something greater than even what they can imagine for themselves. Believe in our kids, believe in your work, and be here, present every day with a mindset that is ready to change the world.

Ms. Rojas