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Written by: Marqus O

Two feuded family members found dead

On a Monday afternoon, two young men from the feuded families, Tybalt Capulet and Mercutio were found dead after a brawl between them from recent interactions. The Capulet & Montague families have been fighting for years and nobody knows why.

Tybalt Capulet taunted and mocked Romeo and Mercutio Montague didn’t react well to it and a brawl broke out between them and Romeo Montague came & tried to break them up which resulted in Mercutio's death.

Because of the Prince's warning that whoever fights would be punished by death. Romeo Montague fled to Mantua and was banished.

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Montague Mercutio,17 1555-1572

Mercutio was born on June 25, 1555 and died Monday April 22 1572 Mercutio died in the streets of Verona Mercutio Montague was a close friend to Romeo and Benvolio.

Mercutio died in the streets of Verona and is going to be remarkably remembered by all of his friends especially Romeo. The burial ceremony will be held on next Thursday on May 1. A lot of friends and family are going to be there. "he had such a good bond with everyone" said Lord Montague.
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