Marooned in 4th Grade

November 5th-9th

A Look At Our Week

  • Reading & Spelling--Hurricanes--Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, and Text Graphics. Vocabulary, Comprehension test on Thursday.

  • Math--Lesson 4.3-4.6--Interpreting the Remainder, Divide by 10's, 100's, and 1000's, estimating quotients, and Distributive Property in division.

  • Science--Energy and Motion, Energy Transfer and Transformation

  • Language--Verbs

Reminders/Mark Your Calendar

  • November 8--No TUTORING

  • November 9--No School-Veterans Day

  • November 19th-23rd--Thanksgiving Break

Bumper Stickers are so last year!

Congratulations to this week's Star Student, Taylor!
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Spelling and Vocabulary Words


somebody, fireplace, nearby, toothbrush, homesick, make-believe, anything, all right, goodbye, forehead, classmate, flashlight, haircut, twenty-two, driveway, alarm clock, baby-sit, airport, forever, mailbox, field trip, absent-minded, life jacket, skyscraper, nevertheless


whirling--spinning quickly


condense--to form tiny droplets of water

source--a place where something comes from

rotating--turning or spinning

rage--to act in a violent way

experience--to see and feel the effects of something

ancient--very old

predict--to say something is going to happen

registered--to have recorded information