Room 103 News

We are 90 days smarter!!!


We are reading informational texts on penguins. We are learning new vocabulary and doing research for our informational penguin reports.


We are finishing Unit 7 today. In unit 8 we will be learning about consonant blends and digraph blends. (st, bl, shr, st, nch) We will also be blending, reading and spelling words with up to four sounds. The r-controlled vowel sounds will also be explored( ar,or,er,ir,ur).


We are learning our double facts. Here are some double fact songs that we are using: .

We will also be working on double plus 1 facts. Students are learning different addition strategies such as, using a number line, doubles and making a ten. Here is a making ten strategy below. We decompose the 6 into a 2 and 4. This allows us to make a friendly 10 with the 8 and 2. Now we can just add 10+4.

8 + 6 =?

8 + 2+4

10 + 4=14


We are in the middle of our new Science unit on Waves. We have been doing explorations that involve vibrations, sound and light waves.

Have a Wonderful Week!!!