By: Cody Schroeder

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Basic Facts

Population: 32,564,342

Capital: Kabul

Language: Dari and Pashto

Government: Presidential Islamic Republic

President: Ashraf Ghani


Afghans have a love for sports. Although participation tends to be limited to males. Some urban women play sports. Popular sports include soccer and volleyball for urban women. In the 1990's, Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan introduced cricket, and teams have been organized in several cities. Men and boys also play a variation of rugby in which two teams face each other and one person tries to rush over and break through the opposing team.

Buzkashi, Afghanistan's traditional national sport, is most commonly played in northern Afghanistan and during national celebrations. Teams of horsemen compete to see who can carry the headless carcass of a goat or calf from a circle to a spot a few hundred feet away and return it to the circle.

Cricket, rugby, soccer, and Buzkashi are very popular sports in Afghanistan. Children's games in Afghanistan include tag, blind man's bluff, kite flying, and hopscotch. In rural area's, achawel is a popular game in which players compete to see who can throw a round stone the farthest. Another rural game is gursai, in which players hold their feet in their right hands and hop about trying to push each other over. girls enjoy playing with homemade dolls, while boys play soccer or with sling shots.

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Religion: Islam is the religion of virtually all Afghans.Family: Life centers on the extended family, which provides the basis for most social, economic, and political interaction. The average urban family has five children, but rural families are much larger. Often several generations live together in the same, compounds. When young men marry, they move out of their parental home and into an adjoining home.

Holidays: Nowruz (New Year's, celebrated in the spring), Victory of the Muslim Nation Day (28 April) and Independence Day (19 August). Islamic holidays are more prominent and are scheduled according to a lunar calendar. They include the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.Personal Appearnce (clothing): Nearly all men in Afghanistan wear Afghanistan's national perahan tunban. This consists of a knee-length shirt (kamees) worn over baggy trousers ( Partoog) pulled tight with a drawstring. Men may wear a dress coat or open vest.


Urban homes are equipped with appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines and are wired for electricity; however, an aging energy infrastructure causes frequent power outages, leaving some areas without power for all but a few hours per day. They also have indoor plumbing and modern plumbing fixtures.


Rural homes are made of mud brick and are generally located on much larger plots than urban homes. Nomadic groups such as Turkmen, Kyrgyz, and Baluchi live in tents. Exteriors of rural homes are plastered with mud and straw. Rural compounds are typically surrounded by high mud walls, which provide security from enemies, seclusion for women, and a pen for animals. Rooms are arranged around an open courtyard.

Most rural houses have a kitchen or oven room (tandur khana), where bread is baked in a tandur (underground oven). Most rural homes connect the tandur to an adjacent room (called tawa khana) through vents. The heat from the tandur heats the adjacent room, which is where the family gathers to keep warm on cold winter days. Rural homes do not have access to electricity or running water.

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