THANK YOU! Go Barnwell!


I am so impressed with they way you have all dived into the RTI/KID TALK process this year. I realize it is a shift and it is not easy. You have shown incredible tenacity, collaboration, and leadership with the process. Thank you for putting the students' needs first! I have witnessed so many positive and purposeful conversations.

Wonderful Quotes that supports our Collaborative Model - You are the EXPERTS! You are the Leaders!

“Collaborative teacher teams should take the lead in determining interventions for students who have not learned essential core standards.”
Austin Buffum, Simplifying Response to Intervention: Four Essential Guiding Principles

When it comes to students learning essential standards for a particular subject and/or grade level, the teachers who teach that content should be both empowered to design Tier 1 and 2 core instruction and lead the school’s response when students require additional support.”
Austin Buffum, Simplifying Response to Intervention: Four Essential Guiding Principles

Kid Talks In Numbers

In the last 6 weeks, 37 teachers and administrators have discussed 42 students specifically. Teams have recommended next steps for those students and created immediate interventions or plans. We have looked at data on 138 students (Urgent Intervention and Intervention) to dig deeper and make decisions for next steps. We have also revisited existing Tier 2 and 3 students and reset current goals and learning objectives. I have been invited or notified of 18 parent conferences/email discussions to get parents to partner with us and I know that there are countless others that are happening each day. That is AMAZING! It just shows how much we can accomplish when working together as a TEAM!


There is a comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on glows for our process. Lift up your teammates and let everyone know about the positive things that are happening on your teams in regards to RTI:)