This Week in Team

Week of September 28

Need Supplies? Bookshelves?

Submit Your Staples requests here! Please list in order of priority (top on your list will be honored first).

Sam will place the order during 3rd period Tuesday, 9/29.

If you are in need of bookshelves, please let Sam know.

Jeans Week Fundraiser

For just $5, you can wear jeans all week this week to support our Debate Team. See Brian Bloss, H106, to make your payment!

Monday, September 28

PLC Does Not Meet

During the last week of the six weeks, the team does not meet. This is a procedure carried over from last year to honor the need to focus on grading at the end of each six weeks.

Questions to Guide Planning

  • What should ALL learners know, understand, and/or be able to do as a result of this lesson? WHY should they know, understand, or be able to do this?
  • What is enduring knowledge for all? What are the "have to knows" of this lesson? WHY do they need to know this?
  • What do learners need to know to accomplish this objective? What background knowledge do you need to access or provide?
  • What is your vision of success? What are learners doing if/when they learn this? What does successful reaching of the objective look like and sound like?
  • What are the best vehicles for learners to attain the objective and practice the concepts/skills? What provisions have you planned for learners with special needs? (Direct instruction? Guided practice? Team learning? Individual task?) What opportunities for enrichment will you provide for advanced learners? These should be meaningful, engaging, and help learners to cement understandings!
  • How will learners be assessed? How will they know and you know that they have learned - throughout the lesson and after you have taught the concept/skill? This is evidence of learning!
  • How will assessment results guide future instruction? How will you use what you know of learner performance to plan the next lesson?

Tuesday, September 29

NO Team Meeting

PLC does not meet the sixth week of the six weeks.

Library Book Xchange

Any time a learner finishes a school-assigned book that they purchased and no longer wish to keep, they can turn it in to the Book Xchange at the library. They can also take any book they need for school from the Book Xchange if it is available.

Since many of us are about to begin Animal Farm, I thought this would be a great time to let you know about this program. Please remind your learners of this as you begin to assign books.

Wednesday, September 30

Team Does NOT Meet

PLC does not meet the sixth week of the six weeks.

Thursday, October 1

Team Does NOT Meet

PLC does not meet the sixth week of the six weeks.

Friday, October 2

Team Does NOT Meet

Indoor Pep Rally today! See the schedule (right).

Today is a Red/Gold Honor Roll Lunch day.

Educator Evaluator Goal Revisions are due today!

Tech Tip of the Week

This video tutorial will walk you (or your learners if you choose to show them directly) through the steps to:

  1. Connect Google Drive apps to Schoology
  2. Copy Google Docs for assignments (e.g. if you create a template for your learners to use, this is how they copy you document)
  3. Upload a Google Document (or other Google app) directly into Schoology for submission

How to Link to and Submit Google Docs in Schoology