Text-dependent Analysis with John!

Need more opportunities for your students to write?

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Text-dependent Analysis Coupled with John Collins Writing

Students need 8-12 reading & writing opportunities per DAY--and that's just to SUSTAIN their current literacy levels. Need some ideas about how to easily & effectively engage students in writing in your classroom? Then come and check out MINI Strategies & Sweets. Your instructional coaching team will be on hand to give you a quick John Collins strategy for writing coupled with text-dependent analysis. If you have 10-15 minutes, and want to learn more about one, or both, of these subjects, let's collaborate!

Text-dependent Analysis with John Collins Writing

Tuesday, Feb. 10th, 8:30am-3pm

444 Allport Cutoff

Morrisdale, PA

Come to the TLC center for some tender love & care (tis the season!) And as for those sweets--it's chocolate time!

We will have some homemade hot cocoa--piping hot with toppings. If that doesn't satisfy, we will also have a variety of chocolates.

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Come any time you are free, on Tuesday, February 10, 2015! It's an all day session, so come with a friend, a team, or just by yourself! We will accommodate your needs for both a strategy AND those sweets! Don't forget to R.S.V.P.--you've got options, friends!

Want to get "techy" with it?

If you are in need of some support with Pinterest, Twitter, or some other form of technology, get in touch with Phil! He can support your needs and get you using some of these resources in your own classroom!