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January 13, 2016


Welcome back! It's been a while, but time has been flying by. This week in math we finish up patterns and assess on Wednesday. We will then focus on solving real-world problems involving multiplication and division.

English Language Arts (ELA):

This week in grammar, we have continued working with verbs and their tenses. We reviewed rule for using verbs with singular subjects and plural subjects. We also reviewed rules such as dropping e, changing y to i, and doubling the consonant on short vowel words. We plan to assess verbs by Friday of next week.

In reading, we are learning how to identify the author's opinion in nonfiction texts, and how to distinguish our own perspective from that of the author. Students have been reading various texts and writing responses with their partners and on their own. Log into Canvas to check out their wonderful discussions.

In writing, we are moving into opinion writing which ties right into our reading. This week we are building background by noticing how other author's share and support their opinions with detailed reasons. We look forward to beginning to share our opinions through writing.

Social Studies:

In social studies, we are learning about the causes of the American Revolution. Ask your child about one of the biggest reasons: TAXES! Students learned all about taxes through the King's Taxes activity. Our king, Connor, made sure to collect his bounty.


In Science, we are learning about properties of materials. We've had fun investigations. Today, students tested insulating properties, materials which heat does not travel through easily. Ask your child to share what they did.


Several students are coming to school without iPads or with iPads not charged for the day. The iPads are used as an important part of instruction and assessment. Students use iPads with several programs for math, reading, and writing. Many assignments are based on Canvas, our online classroom management system, and students are expected to respond to discussions, complete assignments, view content for class, and take assessments on the iPads. As a reminder, three tech violations in a quarter, and the iPads will have to remain at school. Please remind your child to charge their iPads each night and to pack it each morning. Thank you!

Other News:

If you are not already a part of our Third Grade Facebook group, click here. Homework is now uploaded each day there, so it's a quick way to make sure you know what should be done each night.

Assessments at a Glance:

Wednesday - Patterns Assessment

Friday - Daily Detective Assessment

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Multiplication Club

Congratulations to these students for working towards completing their multiplication sundae:


5s - Kolby

2s - Kolby, Mariah, Taylor, Trenton, Landon, Kaitlin

3s - Jyazia, Taylor, Reghan, Evie, Trenton, Mikey, Baiden

4s - Reghan, Evie, Cameryn, Jaden

6s - Daniel, Nathan, Nicholas, Jaden

7s - Daniel

Upcoming Events:

  • Ice Cream - Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

  • Jan. 8th - Dr. Hodges visits

  • Thursday, Jan. 14th - Doughnuts for Dads (7-7:45am); Dr. Pews SIC/PTO (5:30pm)

  • Friday, Jan. 15th - Enrichment Day for Students

  • Monday, Jan. 18th - Dr. Martin Luther King Day (No School)

  • Thursday , Jan. 21st - Blue PE Day

  • Friday, Jan. 22nd - Scholastic Book Order Due

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