5th Grade News

March 4th

Important Dates

March 7th - Southwest Map Retake

March 11th - Light Test Retake

March 15th - Pennington Fun Run

March 17th - Math Unit Test

April 5th - Fifth Grade Musical

5th Grade Musical

Our 5th grade Musical "A Kid's Life" will be presented Tuesday night, April 5th at 7PM.

Parent help is needed to build a set piece and also collect prop items. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mrs. Stewart, our music teacher, at StewarDA@pwcs.edu.

Set piece - Mobile cardboard alien spaceship mounted on to a rolling cart (We have the cart)

Props needed: 6 sets of jump ropes, 2 decks of cards, a Bingo set with 5 cards and blotter pens, wooden letters approximately 7" tall spelling A KID'S LIFE (can be found at Michael's), various wooden spoons, large plastic bottles and various sizes of plastic food containers to use as improvised instruments.

Youth Art Month

March is Youth Art Month! All throughout the month we will be including Arty Facts on the announcements. Mrs. Ly will also be challenging you to a weekly drawing contest. A winner will be chosen for each week. And there will be prizes! Please turn in your drawing to the box outside Mrs. Ly’s room by the end of the week. Make sure your name and your teacher’s name are on the artwork.

Summer Art Opportunities

Here is information about the Summer Art Enrichment AND the Performing Arts Enrichment programs. Grades 2-8 are eligible, thank you!

It's Almost the Middle of the Quarter!

Please check ParentVue to see if your child has any missing assignments and encourage your child to hand them in as soon as possible.

Language Arts

This week the students continued to make inferences and support them using evidence found in nonfiction text and photographs. They also finished working on their research projects.


5.6g - Locate information in the text to support opinions, inferences, and conclusions.


5.7l - Revise writing for clarity of content using specific vocabulary and information.

5.9b - Collect and organize information from multiple resources.

5.9d - Give credit to sources used in research.


This week we focused on multiplying decimals using array models, the partial product model, and the standard algorithm. Students need to understand all three methods for their unit test. There are several pages in this week's Friday Folders. Please take some time and review them with your child. Next week we will be moving on to dividing decimals. Our unit test will be March 17th and will cover all the objectives listed in the previous newsletter related to multiplying and dividing decimals.

Science and Social Studies

Key dates-

Social Studies- Southwest Map Retake- Monday, March 7

Science - Light Test Retake- Only for sections your child received a "C" or below- Friday, March 11.

We will begin our study on Matter on Monday, March 7

This Week's Technology Tips Newsletter

Hello! Here is this week’s edition: Technology Tips Newsletter-March 1, 2022

In it I include some Breaking News about computer updates. As detailed in the Communicator last week, all PWCS laptops will be automatically updated on a regular schedule during the week. See the screenshot of the article below for more information. This is a really great thing because you will no longer have to remember to update your computer on a regular basis. As you can see from the article below, the computer will alert you that it will restart within one hour.

Big picture